What does employee engagement look like inside your organisation today?

According to research, only 15% of employees are engaged at work and 79% of employees are expressing higher rates of burn out (APA 2021 Work & Wellbeing Survey). The cost of disengagement is significant, with Gallup estimating the cost being as high as 18% of an employees salary.

On the flip side, the benefits of investing in employee engagement are clear – highly engaged employees are 12x less likely to leave their company. Further to that, organisations with highly engaged employees are 23% more profitable.

We know that engaging your employees can be complex in today’s hybrid world. But it doesn’t have to be. New features and capabilities in Microsoft 365 are making it easier than ever to reach your employees. Follow the three steps below to transform your employee experience or contact us to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

For many employees, their digital workplace is fragmented, outdated and full of noise. Research from Okta found that in 2019, nearly 10% of businesses have more than 200 apps in their digital workplace – a number which is only set to increase over the coming years as the need for business applications and global spending on enterprise software continues to grow.

Understanding how and where work gets done can have a positive impact across a range of areas including:

  • Managing knowledge & expertise (across people, experts, documents, and content)
  • Impacting employee wellbeing & engagement
  • Culture & communications (news, events, company resources, communities)
  • Purpose & alignment (connecting your people to the mission and goals of the company, and recognising achievements)
  • Growth & development (re-skilling employees into new roles, supporting your people from ‘hire to retire’)

Mapping out the core digital journeys that your employees engage with will help paint a clear picture of what tools to retire, and which ones to introduce, or modernise. It can also help identify and potential security or compliance issues (e.g. shadow IT) across your digital landscape and identify pockets of your organisation that could benefit from updated or automated processes.

No matter where you are on your journey, we can help you map a strategically designed digital workplace through insights, data and a deep understanding of your employees.

That’s why we’ve launched our Employee Experience Research services to help organisations understand their employees as well as their current challenges and opportunities for improvement.

The new Viva Connections home experience

Modernise your digital experience with the latest M365 has to offer 

Microsoft Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern employee experience – get ready to inform, engage and empower your organisation. Viva Connections makes it easy for people to contribute and rally around your organisations vision and mission. To take advantage of the power behind Viva Connections, you’ll need a modern SharePoint Online intranet.

That’s why we’ve designed our Modernise your Intranet offer – specifically for organisations to unpack the state of their current intranet and guide them to transition their intranet to SharePoint Online as the first step on the road to implementing Viva Connections.

“An employee experience platform provides people with the resources and support they need to succeed and thrive, no matter their location.  ​”

Modernising your digital workplace is important, but the journey doesn’t stop there. It’s equally important to consider:

  • The impact of this change on staff within your organisation
  • Potential changes to ways of working or to existing processes

Our adoption and change management experts are here to help you understand the impact of technological change and develop a strategy that supports a seamless transition with maximum, sustained adoption across your organisation.

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it be retail, finance, healthcare or government, we will get to know your organisation so we can tailor a long-lasting, scalable, solution that will suit your specific needs and engage staff.

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