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Following rapid adoption of M365, our client soon identified the need to support the evolving portfolio of M365 technology and improve their employee experience by ensuring their employees felt included, engaged and set up to be an innovative and collaborative team.

Through our trusted partnership from a previous roll-out of Teams, we provided our ‘Evergreen-as-a-service’ offering which allowed our client to leverage our network of M365 expertise to help grow and build their employee experience and increase productivity.

The challenge

Since their Teams and Office 365 rollout three years prior, our client had noticed a shift in workstyles teamed with a limited adoption of advanced M365 use cases across the business.

With the M365 landscape constantly evolving, deciphering the volume of updates that were pushed out from Microsoft per month became difficult to manage. Their digital workplace team were also aware that the value of their existing investment in the M365 technology suite was not being fully maximised, due to the potential they were yet to unlock.

Our client’s Digital Workplace Enablement team soon identified three key areas for opportunity:

  • Ensuring their workforce was aware of M365 updates including new features and products.
  • Specialist support to manage M365 updates and to leverage the full experience.
  • Proactive management of new updates to the M365 suite.

Building on the foundation of our existing relationship, Engage Squared tailored a 12-month managed service that was suited to their requirements to ensure maximum return on investment, provide strategic direction, structured deliverables, and support throughout the year.

Our approach

Our Adoption & Change Management practice formed a project team and provided:

  • Message centre and roadmap monitoring to keep the organisation one step ahead of the M365 roadmap.
  • Change risk and opportunity scoring to proactively manage updates across the organisation.
  • Preparing teams to plan for valuable upcoming changes, allowing the organisation to update their knowledge centre and run live webinar training on upcoming changes to the affected teams/departments.
  • Early release testing to help get in front of changes early, support the change and adoption by helping to deliver changes to the rest of the business and provided knowledge and support around the new feature updates.

In addition, each quarter we produced a round-up report to support key IT and change teams of current usage stats and to assist in their planning for future updates of M365. The round-up report provided both qualitative and quantitative data to showcase usage across the organisation and measured the return of investment from the Microsoft 365 suite.

The report was broken down into three key areas:

  • Usage & engagement metrics – A tool-based usage statistics and engagement metrics captured from M365 admin centre and end users.
  • Adoption trends – Leveraged from the Microsoft adoption score, the adoption trends track ways of working success across the quarter.
  • A case study – A spotlight to showcase how M365 solutions empower employees and streamline processes.

Each quarter our client also developed targeted topics to cover different areas of focus to meet their training needs. In the first quarter of the engagement, these were:

  • To do, doing, done! – With the introduction of the new Tasks app (Tasks by Planner and To Do) within Teams, this topic was focused on using the productivity apps within M365. ​
  • Run expert meetings – This topic focused on getting the most out of attendees by running expert meetings and coming out of the meeting with clear actions and next steps.
  • Collaborate like a superhero – This topic focused on the best practices for collaborating to ensure everyone is making the most out of the tools available. We covered the flow of work and shared our top tips and new features. ​

The result

Evergreen-as-a-service has been in place with our client since September 2022 and has been well received.

Initial reporting for Q4 painted a positive picture of how people are using and interacting with Microsoft technology, whilst a staff survey ran internally also reported an average of 9/10 for the live webinar training on updates/changes, demonstrating the receptiveness of learning more about the evolving Microsoft eco-system.

The use of real-time communication tools and best practices in meetings is also helping to create a more unified organisation, regardless of location, and build morale among employees. 89% of meetings now include one or more best practices and is an indication that these are reducing meeting fatigue and improving engagement. This has resulted in a 34% decrease in the number of people spending over 20 hours a week in meetings.

Our client has also seen an increase of 71% MoM of returning users to SharePoint and OneDrive, indicating that the adoption of real-time communication tools is having a positive impact on their organisational culture and productivity, as employees improve the time spent finding information. Research shows that each person can save up to 2 hours per week when collaborating with online files and up to 4 hours per week when sharing information in a shared workspace.

Finally, the effects of Evergreen are already being praised by those outside of the Digital Workplace Enablement team. Following a general technical uplift, the Ancillary Audit team used their newfound skills and technology to digitise paper audit evidence with 2,000 mail packages saved, saving approximately $15,000 per year in postage costs, delivering audits in 30 days instead of 4 months.

“Evergreen has enabled us to stop drinking from the firehose of Microsoft updates and start curating changes into our environment into content and guidance that we use to equip everyone with the knowledge and skills to successfully communicate and collaborate. ”
Digital Workplace Engineer

Keep up-to-date with M365 and explore how our M365 Evergreen offering can help keep you ahead of the curve.

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