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At Engage Squared, we solve problems. Our mission is to empower people in their daily working lives to make work more enjoyable and productive.

We have delivered hundreds of strategic change projects across all industries and businesses, both large and small. We help our partners form new ways of working, that are underpinned by great technology, and proven change management methodology.

We’re passionate about people, change and technology. Whether you need total support to manage your change implementation end-to-end, light-touch strategic advice, or something somewhere in between? We’ve been-there-done-that and are excited to help your people along the change journey.

Our adoption & change management methodology

We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to change management, every change is unique in some way, which is why our methodology is broken into three distinct phases – Prepare, Deliver and Sustain.

Our change specialists know that without people, change doesn’t happen. We work with you to understand your people first, because.. technology doesn’t change – people do. If you needed any more convincing, initiatives with excellent change management applied are 6 x times more likely to meet project objectives than those without, as demonstrated in the Prosci Best Practices in Change Management research.

How we can help

Our team of change experts help you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment, as well as other projects or initiatives you might be running to help you sustain these changes long term. We want you to champion modern ways of working and achieve the ultimate return on investment.

We can support you to:

  • Develop change & adoption strategies
  • Deliver product and scenario-based training and coaching
  • Deliver executive and sponsorship coaching
  • Designing compelling communications campaigns

Some ways we can help you with adoption & change management

Teams Frontline ACM Services
Empower your frontline staff with the right technology. We will work with you to discover how Microsoft 365 and Teams can enhance the employee experience for frontline workers, and offer you a tailored solution to suit your business needs.
Viva Insights Quick Start Implementation
Viva Insights Quick Start is designed specifically for organisations who want to improve employee experience through powerful insights.
Evergreen Change & Adoption support
Establish an evergreen change model to leverage your investment in Microsoft 365 over a 12 month period
ACM for Teams Meetings
To deliver a targeted change program that coaches key staff to on how to best use the technology available to them and run effective Teams Meetings regardless of where they are.
Transition to Microsoft 365
Our Change & Adoption team will work to understand the impact of the change and develop a strategy that supports a seamless transition to set you up for adoption of Microsoft 365
Viva Learning Roadmap - 3 Day Workshop
Viva Learning Roadmap is designed specifically for organisations who want to improve employee experience through fostering a continuous learning culture.

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