Do you work in a highly regulated industry with outdated processes?

Moving to a digital working environment can be daunting for highly regulated organisations, especially when manual processes with a lack of governance are very much embedded in daily ways of working. Transitioning to a digital records management process and implementing security and governance measures can raise all sorts of logistical and sensitivity issues, such as duplicate storing of information, information access issues, lack of metadata creates problems in reporting and retention scheduling, coupled with items being duplicated or deleted inadvertently.

Whether your organisation is looking for efficiencies or need to meet regulatory or legislative obligations, our Information Management practice offers an extensive range of services and expertise. We regularly engage with our clients in the areas of records management, information architecture, migration, information security and governance.

To date, our team of experts have migrated 6 million records so can be assured that we understand what working with vast amounts of content and sensitive data entails, you’re in good hands. What do we do when we’re not working with clients? Well, we’re experts in this field so we’ve covered everything we know so far in our whitepaper: Modern Records and Information Management with Microsoft 365.

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We can show you how to modernise your outdated systems

Our technical team’s deep knowledge of technologies such as SharePoint, Power Platform, Azure Web Services, Teams Platform, Microsoft 365 and integrating with external systems, means we create solutions that are bespoke, practical, and beautiful whilst ensuring you gain a maximum return on your investment.

From migrations to business process automation solutions, hybrid working to digital employee experience change management, we build scalable strategies and solutions that replace outdated, manual, paper-based processes with modern, secure technology.

We can help you with a range of services, including:

  • Designing custom business applications
  • Process automation solutions through the Power Platform
  • Modernising legacy systems including data migration
  • Data visualisation plus more
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How we’re helping to create a modern and secure government

Digital transformation in government

Introducing modern technology within government has always been a challenge but we have proven success in transforming outdated ways of working across several departments within Australia.

Our Briefing Management & Correspondence Platform (BMCP) is a digital solution built on top of M365, designed to digitise the briefing and correspondence process, by bringing multiple tracking systems together and allowing users to initiate and manage briefs from the department all the way through to Premier’s approval.

BMCP replaces what can be a manual, paper-based, and time intensive process for government employees, and has been built as a centralised platform that streamlines the briefing and correspondence process, increases efficiencies and decreases risk. ​The best part? BMCP has been designed to fully integrate as a Microsoft Teams app and is accessible by all users from the action bar on the left side of the users Teams platform

Key features of BMCP include:

  • Creation of accurate briefings
  • Transparent record activity
  • Effectively manage briefings
  • Accessible to all users
  • Secure and compliant systems
  • Intuitive reporting functionality
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