Introducing modern technology in government has arrived with our Briefing Management & Correspondence Platform 

Digitising the briefing and correspondence process within government is no easy task but over the past two years Engage Squared has spent thousands of hours solving these hurdles. We have crafted bespoke architecture and now work with multiple government departments, making us the leaders in this space. We understand the struggles, which is why we are extremely proud to help modernise an outdated system with our Briefing Management & Correspondence Platform (BMCP); a digital platform built to automate correspondence and briefs.

BMCP has been designed to digitise the way government employees work by bringing multiple tracking systems together and allowing users to initiate and manage briefs from the department all the way through to Premier’s approval.

Replacing what can be a manual, paper-based, and time intensive process for government employees, BMCP has been built as a centralised platform for briefings to be managed, whilst also offering the visibility to manage and report on briefing status’.

Through BMCP, briefings can be created, tracked and approved all in one place, with an interactive and personal dashboard whilst enabling users to easily create and share reports, manage workflows and their own security model across different product types. BMCP allows records to have the appropriate levels of access, with control given back to Departments to determine and update access where required.  ​

BMCP is built on top of Microsoft 365, utilising the powerful document management in SharePoint Online, the Power Automate workflow engine, and Azure AD security controls. In the background, it can integrate with HP Content Manager (TRIM) to plug into the existing retention and disposition management platform required by the department.​

Microsoft Teams Integration 

With adoption of Microsoft Teams higher than ever, BMCP has been designed to fully integrate as a Microsoft Teams app and is accessible by all users from the action bar on the left side of the users Teams platform. 

BMCP has been designed for hybrid working and is accessed through Microsoft Teams on phones, iPad’slaptops and home computers, with access controlled by the sophisticated security in Azure Active Directory to ensure security is never compromised.

BMCP allows users to increase their productivity​ and work in their primary day-to-day tool meaning adoption of the tool naturally increase as record change notifications come through the Teams activity feed.

““BMCP has become a mission critical application for our department” ”
Senior Project Manager, DJCS 
A picture of a laptop and mobile phone showing a dashboard interface

How BMCP can help you

With BMCP you can streamline your briefing and correspondence process, increase your efficiencies and decrease risk. ​

  • Create accurate briefings – by providing templated documents and metadata
  • Transparent record activity – through the use of dashboards and audit logs
  • Effectively manage briefings – utilising built in, flexible workflows and reducing manual handling
  • Accessible to all users – from anywhere, on any device, at any time
  • Secure and compliant systems – that respect your permission matrix’s and security frameworks
  • Intuitive reporting functionality – so you can share and review easily

Two government clients enjoying the benefits of BMCP

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