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Modern organisations need modern approaches to information management.

Organisations of all sizes face similar challenges when it comes to managing information volume, lifecycle and new paradigms for sharing and collaboration with customers, partners and stakeholders. With effective systems for managing information, you can ensure employees are optimising their productive time, reducing time spent finding information, improving processes and reducing risk associated with data loss or exposure should information find its way into the wrong hands.

Whether your organisation is looking for efficiencies or need to meet regulatory or legislative obligations, our Information Management practice offers an extensive range of services and expertise. We regularly engage with our clients in the areas of records management, information architecture, migration, information security and governance.

To date, our team of experts have migrated 6 million records across a broad range of industries including government, finance, and natural resources industries. You can be assured that we understand what working with vast amounts of content and sensitive data entails, you’re in good hands.

We’ll improve your information processes, security, compliance, and lifecycle management through effective content management solutions using not only Microsoft SharePoint as a cornerstone but the wider Microsoft 365 suite of services and 3rd party product ecosystem. By using the full breadth of the Microsoft 365 services and capabilities you’ll deliver information working experiences that meet your workforce where they work within an information environment that is easy to navigate and designed to scale and adapt to your changing business needs over time.

Giving your employees the freedom to work from anywhere on a secure platform is what we do best, and we’ll work with you to ensure all needs are met and with the confidence of a cloud-based service.

Our information management methodology

Broadly, we structure information management engagements around the concepts of DiscoveryAnalysisDesign and Deploy with two notable differentiators. Discovery is not only an opportunity for us to understand your needs but it’s also your opportunity to understand and explore the possibilities. We undertake education and immersion experiences as part of Discovery activities, we know that when our customers experience and understand what the future can look like, they make better and more confident decisions.

When it comes to deploying/rolling information management initiatives it is seldom a flick of switch affair. Most initiatives have a wide reach touching large numbers of employees, where applicable we design stage-based rollouts that deliver the initiative through the business in waves that include support and knowledge transfer to ensure ongoing operational assurance well beyond ’go live.

We help organisations who are:


  • Unsure on the best option or approach to managing information
  • Are unsure on what capabilities exist within Microsoft 365 to support record and knowledge management
  • Want to reduce the knowledge gap across teams and business units
  • Wish to bring consistency to ways of working and information processes or document management
  • Require new or restructured Information architecture
  • Want to improve information security to reduce risks associated with data loss
  • Need to move off old, outdated SharePoint environments or Files Shares to Microsoft 365
  • Need better capability and confidence in ongoing operation and governance of the Microsoft 365 platform as an enterprise information environment

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