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Organisations that are ready to embrace AI as part of their transformation can discover the many opportunities that Copilot provides within Viva Engage.

In this blog post, we’re looking beyond just the productivity boosts that Copilot offers. What we are really excited about is how it helps your team members feel more confident and connected. 
Think of Copilot as a friendly nudge that encourages everyone to share their ideas and engage more openly. It’s like having a supportive colleague who’s always ready to help you express yourself better and add more value to every conversation. The addition of Copilot within Viva Engage truly enhances the platform, helping to foster a thriving community where everyone feels empowered to contribute.

What are the benefits of Copilot in Viva Engage?

Viva Engage is an enterprise social networking service that is part of the Microsoft 365 family of products, providing employees with a digital space to connect and share, fostering a sense of community and engagement within the workplace through. 

A common worry we hear from organisations about their communications strategy is “how do we keep people interested in one more platform, and avoid system overload?”

The opposite is in fact true! We are consistently hearing from organisations saying that Viva Engage boosted collaboration and communication among colleagues who may not have seen each other face to face before!

Copilot enhances this already great platform by addressing the real concern of keeping users engaged without feeling overwhelmed. It simplifies how employees interact and contribute, making it easier for everyone to share their ideas and experiences. This makes Viva Engage not just another tool, but a more inviting and productive space for all types of conversations.

How Copilot can empower employees to contribute to Viva Engage? 

We often notice a distinct difference between ‘Contributors’ and ‘Consumers’ for Viva Engage – with consumers sometimes feeling unsure or hesitant about what to post, or maybe worrying about how others would react to their point of view on a topic. 

The value proposition that Copilot can help bring to organisations, is by bringing more voices to your communication network and boost engagement, by helping to give a voice to those who once only consumed the content available to them.  

Copilot can benefit employees who are interested in contributing to Viva Engage communities but are unsure on where to begin! 

Copilot helps to provide personalised suggestions and assistance in content creation, helping users to engage with the platform more effectively. 

  • Your starting space for creativity… Not sure what to write? How to say it? Copilot helps you get started with the ‘Inspire’ feature. You can ask for inspiration about a campaign that might be running in Viva Engage, or a topic that might be of interest for a particular community i.e Pets of the company!
  • Your space to refine and re-write… Maybe your post feels a little long? Maybe you need some help for a clearer Call To Action or how to make your post sound a little more authentic? Use the ‘Ask’ feature to start prompting!

So how do I get started? 

After selecting the Copilot button in Viva Engage, when drafting a post, you are provided a series of buttons to provide you with assistance in content creation. 

This includes a set of pre-built prompts such as; 

  • Inspire– Copilot can assist in that initial starting point, by giving you ideas on creating a post about a specific topic.  
  • Draft – It can start by taking me from that ‘blank canvas’ by giving you something tangible to work with and refine. 
  • Ask – Lastly, Copilot can assist by simply just asking it to give you an idea on how to write an engaging post on a certain topic.

By selecting one of the pre-built prompts, you can start to build out a draft of a post. Alternatively, there are ‘More ideas’ available which opens up the realm of possibilities such as;

Write – Stuck on an idea? Copilot can assist in brainstorming an idea for a post, provide a template or extend your existing post and write an additional paragraph.

Edit – Need help in reviewing your post? Copilot provides the ability to review your post, fixing any spelling or grammar mistakes – or even provide the ability to help re-write your post to better suit a particular audiences or voice.

Feedback – This feature helps to provide coaching on your draft post, by helping to make it more engaging or even predict potential questions from readers based on the posts content.

Watch Copilot in action


What’s next?

From our experience, what we’ve seen is that enabling Copilot within Viva Engage significantly transforms how teams collaborate. With its prompt guides, Copilot helps tailor content for specific topics or audiences, refine drafts, and provide insightful feedback to elevate your posts.

This personalised support simplifies content creation, making it easier for everyone to effectively post within Viva Engage.

If you haven’t already, have a go at leveraging Copilots functionality within Viva Engage to spark your creative juices in contributing your thoughts and ideas!

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