At Engage Squared, we understand that your needs and what you want to achieve from your technology is essential to delivering effective solutions that provide real results.

Our managed M365 support services are a reliable, results-driven offering that will provide you with affordable, on-going support, helping you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 environment.

We understand that a one size fits all approach doesn’t always work but as one of Australia’s leading Microsoft consultancies we know the struggles organisations face so we’ve created standard managed services that tap into solving those problems. If your request doesn’t fit into one of those, then we’ll work with you to design an offering customised to your industry and meeting the specific needs of your business.


360 Managed Support

Our 360 managed support service has been designed as an affordable monthly investment across four tiers, offering you a reliable and results-driven service that will provide you with on-going support to ensure you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment.

Using our web based managed service help desk, creating, tracking, and monitoring your tickets and how we they are performing across P1 – P4 incidents has never been so easy. We’ll keep you updated on each step of your ticket’s progress, as well as being proactive in raising any potential problems or any suggestions to enhance your service along the way.

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Continuous Improvement

Keeping up with the latest technology will maximise benefits for your users and prevent the need for a major overhaul to “catch up” later.

Our Continuous Improvement service helps organisations continue to evolve the solutions we deliver and further realise the return on investment. We do this by providing an ongoing effort allocation at a series of intervals over a 12-month period, with which to deliver new features and functionality, providing you with increasing business benefit over an extended period.

We offer 3 tiers across the 12-month period, offering up to 4 system releases throughout the year.

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Prepaid M365 Support

Need some extra help but don’t require a complete service or long-term engagement? We offer prepaid support hours if you have a skills shortage for reasons including:

  • Additional support post go-live
  • Upskill new staff or those that require more assistance
  • Resource augmentation

Our prepaid support offer is not bound by SLA and does not incur extensive oversight or management. 

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With intranets at the heart of a modern digital workplace, it’s never been so important that ongoing content management, evergreen technological evolutions and continued adoption strategies are considered in your digital strategy.

Our intranet-as-a-Service offering has been designed as a monthly investment which includes initial intranet implementation, launch, training, ongoing support and access to experts year-round with no up-front costs. It’s like having an Intranet Support Team, Digital Workplace Consultants and Adoption Specialists all working together.

With 3 different service levels, there is a package to suit everyone.

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Power Generator

Empower your staff to automate, simplify and streamline your business with the Microsoft Power Platform.

We understand that companies don’t always have in-house resources to train their internal ‘champions’, which is why we developed Power Generator; a managed monthly service that brings our experts to you and empowers your staff to automate, simplify and streamline your internal processes with the Microsoft Power Platform. With Power Generator, you can provide everyone the ability to create solutions that accelerate business value.

We have designed our Power Generator Managed Service across three service levels, with affordable monthly investments or as a one-off payment.

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M365 Evergreen

Every year Microsoft make upwards of 500 changes to the M365 platform. That’s a lot to keep up with.

Our M365 Evergreen monthly service helps you to understand, manage and maximise your benefit from the ongoing changes Microsoft make to the M365 Platform. Each month, our team triage and review upcoming changes on the M365 roadmap, assess the impact on your existing services, and identify opportunities that new enhancements create, across three areas – technology, people and business opportunity.

With 3 different service levels, there is an M365 Evergreen package to suit the maturity of all organisations. Let us help you help bridge the gap between technology, business and change; focusing the conversation on the platform changes that matter to you and helping you to plan to mitigate negative impacts and successfully launch new features.

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Prepaid Change Support

Our Prepaid Change Support provides you with the flexibility to tailor change management activities, guided by the advice of our Change & Transformation team. This option provides you with the flexibility to adjust the approach throughout the journey of a program, allowing you to guide change management activity on a fortnightly basis, and switch tactics as we learn more about the people impacts of the change.

Prepaid Change Support has no minimum commitment, meaning we can work with you to plan and deliver change activities to build awareness, knowledge, capability and sustain new ways of working whenever you need it.

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