With the M365 landscape constantly evolving, deciphering the volume of updates pushed out from Microsoft is never ending.

We understand that companies don’t always have in-house resources to keep up with the M365 roadmap, which is why we developed M365 Evergreen; a managed service designed to help organisations prepare for and deliver continuous adoption of Microsoft 365 at scale.

We have designed M365 Evergreen across three service levels, allowing us to work closely with your team to prepare for upcoming changes to Microsoft 365, support your people with training and learning materials as well as providing expert insights and industry best practices.

Common challenges we see

Most businesses today have a strategic focus increasing the use of cloud and SaaS solutions which are evergreen. While many saw a huge spike in adoption of Microsoft 365 over that last few years, we’re seeing IT teams across industries face similar challenges, specifically:

  • Low capacity to support continued matured use of Microsoft 365 and new updates
  • Demand for support more sophisticated use cases continues to grow
  • There is no existing model to manage planned changes to Microsoft 365
  • Our technology is changing quicker than ever. In 2022 there were 1461 Microsoft updates
  • Difficult for internal teams to upskill quickly enough across new technologies

Expected outcomes

With our M365 Evergreen managed service, you can expect the following:

  • A defined evergreen change operating model: Including development of risk assessment and triage process, developing a cadence for message centre & roadmap monitoring and reporting. We’ll help you to proactively plan for major changes.
  • Proactive and regular ACM activities: We’ll establish a series of monthly and quarterly change management, business analysis and adoption activities to help keep up with the demand to use M365 for more advanced use cases across your business.
  • Strategic planning and advice: You’ll have regular access to technical and change experts at Engage Squared. Providing you with the flexibility to leverage our expertise beyond Microsoft 365; and ensure a consistent approach adoption and change management.

Expected benefits 

With M365 Evergreen, our goal is to understand your business, build rapport and become a trusted extension of your internal function so we can offer tailored, relevant and helpful advice. The benefits of this service include:

  • Visibility of what is coming next with M365 and proactively plan for new features and new ways of working
  • Expert training and learning collateral to leverage our expertise
  • Industry insights and consulting and exploit opportunities earlier with industry best practice

With three service levels to choose from, there’s a plan for you. From just $4,990 per month. 

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