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Office 365

We have an in-depth knowledge of Office 365 and will take the time to get to know your business; helping us to understand how your organisation can benefit from its features.


We specialise in building world-class intranets that are innovative, unique and beautiful, which will drive collaboration, engage employees and increase business efficiency.


In today’s modern digital workplace, a training manual isn’t always the best solution to ensure engagement, especially when you’re also trying to encourage higher user adoption rates.


Our team of expert consultants, designers and developers work together to ensure your chosen solution meets your exact business needs.


Often, new ideas and requirements become highlighted during the development stage of a project, which is why we make use of Agile working methods.

Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is the virtual equivalent to today’s physical workplace; and proven to be an essential element in maintaining optimum productivity and engagement, across an enterprise business.

Document Management

When it comes to managing your documents, the larger the organisation the greater the challenge, with many documents often being created, shared and updated across the globe.

Responsive Design

We have created responsive web and app design for a range of clients to help them with their varying business needs.

Engage Squared were pivotal to our ongoing strategy

We first engaged Engage Squared when our Employee Connectivity Program was entering a new phase, which we were struggling with. The Program’s challenge was to firstly understand and then find successful way to engage and communicate with its diverse, predominantly blue collar, workforce. Engage Squared were pivotal to shaping our ongoing strategy, and with their help and expertise they helped us change our thinking. The solution proved to be very successful, and after 6 months we had achieved an 85% adoption rate on front line blue collar workers. Engage Squared were fundamental in helping us to think in a different way, to help us achieve a very successful outcome for the business.
Simon Rainback - Program Manager - Pacific National

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