Workplace by Meta will be decommissioned in 2025. Consolidate your technical footprint and move your enterprise social network to Viva Engage.

Workplace by Meta will be officially shutting its doors in August 2025. From 1 September 2025, Workplace will become read-only and export only until 1 June, when access will be officially shut off and data deleted.

To help you make a smooth transition, we have developed a process and tool to migrate content between Workplace by Meta and Viva Engage. Pairing this with our expertise in Enterprise Social Network adoption, we offer a comprehensive migration and adoption service that ensures increased momentum and success of your Viva Engage platform.

How can Engage Squared help you?

Let our team of Modern Workplace experts guide you every step of the way. We have designed a range of services that cover everything from technical migration and configuration, to empowering your leaders and internal communications teams, through to boosting adoption and engagement through our comprehensive change campaigns.

Check out our services below:

Define your Enterprise Social Network strategy

The Viva Engage launch engagement is designed to support organisations who are wanting to foster a connected and inclusive workplace culture.

The adoption of an Enterprise Social Network like Viva Engage is pivotal for modern work. It acts as a bridge, connecting the workforce in a dynamic and interactive environment. It’s not just about communications, it’s an opportunity to enhance knowledge sharing, foster a sense of community and encourage collaboration between employees and leaders alike.

Toegther, we’ll undertake a series of discovery activities to understand your objectives, current state and vision for implementing an Enterprise Social Network.

Configure & migrate 

If required, our team can help configure Viva Engage before an org-wide launch. This can include community creation, M365 naming policy, community end of life, membership and auto provisioning, key word monitoring and moderation, and more.

Once the right configuration is in place, we can migrate your existing content on Workplace by Meta to Viva Engage. The content will be migrated as is/like-for-like to maintain the same look and feel as the source.

Launch & scale

Once the platform is ready, our team of Change Management experts can help you successfully launch Viva Engage across your organisation. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive training – on-demand & live
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership briefing
  • Community management support
  • Campaign and graphic design support – including videos/multimedia explainers

Ready to transition to Viva Engage?