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Hybrid work

Hybrid working – enabling employees to have flexibility and choice in where they work, either in the physical office space or remotely at home – is here to stay. While practical and convenient, the hybrid working model has changed how and where we meet, and in turn, has presented a new set of challenges.

Hybrid working can lead to an over-abundance of unnecessary meetings as these days, we’re not generally in the same physical place at the same time. Instead of walking over to a colleague’s desk to ask a question, we book a ‘quick catch up’ to get our answer, which can be a huge time waster. Another issue is ‘meeting scope-creep’ where someone may take an opportunity to ask an unrelated question in a meeting, which is convenient for them, but kills productivity and wastes time for others.

All of these challenges can break momentum, increase context switching and take away from focus time to get tasks done, leading to longer working hours and burnout.

Whether you’re in the public sector, healthcare, finance, or retail, our experts can help you navigate this new hybrid world in a way that is specific to your organisation. We are confident we can help you not only because we have vast knowledge around hybrid working practices and technologies, but because we at Engage Squared live and breathe hybrid work – we’ve been there, and we understand.

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