Published 15 May 2024

Today’s big announcement from Meta marks the end of Workplace by Meta, but it opens a new chapter for organisations looking to enhance their digital workplace. Enter Viva Engage, an excellent tool within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem that not only replaces Workplace but enhances your team’s ability to connect and collaborate.

We’re ready to migrate when you are.

At Engage Squared, we understand the importance of a seamless transition. That’s why we’ve developed a ready-to-go migration tool tailored specifically for moving from Workplace by Meta to Viva Engage. Our migrations are tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. You can bring over as much or as little as you would like from Workplace.

Why Viva Engage?

If your organisation already has Microsoft 365 licenses, Viva Engage is included, so it’s a no-brainer! By migrating to Viva Engage, you can further maximise your existing investment in Microsoft licenses, keeping all your communication and collaboration tools within the one ecosystem.

Here’s why Viva Engage is more than just a communication platform:

Integrations are made simple: Viva Engage is easily integrated into your existing Microsoft 365 communication platforms. Embed conversations in SharePoint, add it to your Viva Connections dashboard, or pin it within Microsoft Teams to enhance navigability and access.

Connectivity: With Viva Engage and Microsoft Teams mobile apps, your team stays connected, anytime and anywhere.

A platform that evolves with your organisation: Microsoft constantly enhances Viva Engage. Features like the ‘Leadership Corner’ and a dedicated ‘Answers’ tab facilitate leadership at scale and crowdsource knowledge, helping your team find information and engage meaningfully.

An example of how video posts, comments, and reactions transfer after the migration.

How we facilitate your migration to Viva Engage

Migrating to a new platform can feel daunting. However, our proven three-phase process ensures a seamless transition, with zero downtime and ready to launch within 8 weeks.

  • Discovery: We start by understanding your unique needs and the scope of content migration, whether it’s all groups, posts, comments, files, and images, or just selected segments.
  • Efficient and secure migration: We use advanced tools for a rapid and secure transfer of your data to Viva Engage, managed within your Azure environment for complete control.
  • Comprehensive training and support: Transitioning platforms is more than just data transfer. We provide extensive training and support, helping your team leverage the full potential of Viva Engage on day one.

See how your group posts, comments, mentions, and files move from Workplace by Meta to Viva Engage.

FAQs: Migrating to Viva Engage with Engage Squared
Can we keep all our content when migrating from Workplace by Meta to Viva Engage? 

Yes, our migration tool is designed to transfer various types of content, including posts, groups, user data, and media such as videos. We ensure that your data is not only transferred but also retains its integrity and context in the new platform.

How does the migration process work? 

Our migration process is a two-stage approach. Initially, we extract your data from Workplace by Meta and store it securely in an Azure database. Following this, we import your data into Viva Engage. This staged approach allows us to ensure accuracy and integrity before the final data transfer.

Can we track the migration process in real-time? 

Yes! Our tool provides real-time tracking capabilities, and you will be able to follow along throughout the migration.

What happens to the content posted by employees who have left our organisation? 

We can reassign posts from former employees to a current user or maintain them under a generic historical user profile. This ensures that all content is preserved and attributed correctly, maintaining the historical context of discussions.

Are there any types of content that cannot be migrated? 

While we always aim to migrate most content types, there are certain elements like private chats, polls, and specific third-party integrations may not transfer due to platform limitations. We recommend manual backups or downloads for such content if required.

What support do you offer post-migration? 

After migrating to Viva Engage, we provide comprehensive training and support to ensure your team can leverage the new platform effectively from day one. Our support includes helping your team understand new features and best practices in Viva Engage.

Is there any downtime expected during the migration? 

Our process is designed to ensure zero downtime. By staging the migration and running comprehensive pre-checks, we make sure that your operations can continue unhindered while the migration is in process.

How can we ensure all our data is secure during the migration? 

Data security is a top priority. We use secure Azure environments for data handling and employ advanced tools for data transfer, ensuring that your information remains protected throughout the migration process.

Why Engage Squared

We’re one of only two Microsoft partners in the world that specialises in migrating from Workplace to Viva Engage. On top of this, our team of Change Management specialists can help you build an enterprise social network strategy, and launch an adoption campaign that contributes to your culture and communication goals. Check out our case study library to read some of our client success stories. With our expertise in Microsoft 365 solutions and a ready-to-go migration tool, we ensure your move to Viva Engage is efficient and tailored to your needs.

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Workplace to Viva Engage migration

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