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The workplace is no longer a physical place where employees work standard and regular office hours.

Our Digital Workplace and Employee Experience practice is at the forefront of delivering a modern approach to how we work in the digital world, and we don’t just mean intranets.

We design award winning digital workplaces, across all industries, to improve your employee experience by providing your people with the productivity tools to do their best work and the collaboration spaces to connect with colleagues in meaningful ways. We use user experience research techniques and comprehensive assessments and analysis to identify opportunities across organisations and design a truly delightful employee experience.

Our solutions are built to minimise the need for excessive customisation, but where necessary we can complement and extend out of the box functionality with our intranet accelerator components. The best part is that we design digital workplaces that take into consideration future enhancements coming to the Microsoft 365 platform, reducing the admin burden on your internal teams and the maintenance costs of your solutions.

Our approach to a modern digital workplace has helped our clients across 70 countries gain increased productivity and an engaged workforce. We achieve this by working closely with you, understanding your specific needs, and applying our expert knowledge to get the best outcome for everyone involved.

Our digital workplace methodology

All our digital workplace projects begin with a discovery phase, as we dive into your pain points and understand your vision for the future. We’ll do this through workshops, focus groups, interviews, and surveys, allowing us to hear first-hand from your employees, before we collaboratively convert this into your strategy, solution designs, personas, and journey maps.

From here, our team of experts will begin bringing your vision to life during the implementation phase. We’ll follow an agile approach during this phase, delivering in sprints with regular planning, review, and demo sessions along the way before a thorough testing period commences.

The UAT & content prep phase is where the real excitement starts to build. We’ll support your team to test the implemented solution. We’ll train your content teams, empowering them to use the content publishing features and create beautiful, impactful, and targeted content. We’ll also support your team to ensure any last-minute user experience issues are taken care of.

With your solution fully tested and your content ready to go, you’ll be ready to launch your brand-new digital workplace solution. We’ll be on hand to offer content author training & guides to your content authors and admin team, and our dedicated Adoption & Change Management team will also be on the journey to design and deliver training campaigns, ensuring your employees fully adopt your brand-new solution.

Our digital workplace & employee experience offers

Modern communications and EX roadmap
Designed as a three-day engagement, we’ll share insights on how you can harness the power of SharePoint Online and Viva Connections to transform and engage your employees in a frictionless experience
Modernise your intranet
We’ve designed Modernise your Intranet to unpack the state of your intranet and guide you to transition your intranet to SharePoint Online as the first step to implementing Viva Connections
Viva Connections 6-8 week implementation
Implement Viva Connections, including the Dashboard, connecting it to your business systems and support organisations to send rich communications to users across all types of roles.
Digital EX strategy
A 3-level programme designed to define your digital workplace and employee experience strategy
Custom intranet in 4-6 weeks
Develop a custom, intelligent intranet to make the most of your SharePoint Online, delivered rapidly across a few short weeks.
Revamp your intranet 2 week assessment
We’ve designed Revamp your Intranet to help organisations get more from their current intranet platform with a fixed-price service that will give you a set of tailor-made, actionable recommendations

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