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The financial world is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry that relies on the latest technology to support, enhance, and keep up with demands of customers.

At Engage Squared, we understand how important banking and finance services are to everyday life, and we strive to provide the best solutions possible so your employees and customers can thrive.

Over the last seven years we have built up an impressive roster of financial services and insurance (FSI) clients across APAC including Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, Westpac, NAB, AIA group and Pepper Group Ltd to name a few. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to deliver the best outcomes, and allowed us to continue to develop innovative, functional, and scalable solutions that solve any problem in the banking and finance industry that is presented to us.

Leveraging the latest features in Microsoft 365, we build solutions that enable our FSI clients to reduce complexity, drive greater efficiencies, and increase compliance.

We’ve built secure, scalable business process automation solutions, such as our ‘Incident Management App’, using technologies such as SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Through our change & adoption practice, we have helped increase employee engagement for organisations such as ANZ by launching tools like Yammer to enhance communication and two-way engagement. We’ve also created a multilingual employee portal for AIA Group using Viva Connections to engage and inform employees.

How we can help

Some of the most common challenges we help our FSI clients with include:

  • Complex legacy IT & migrating to the cloud
  • Siloed applications with little integration
  • Low employee engagement
  • Outdated manual processes
  • Organisational resistance to high volumes of change and new technologies

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Some of our financial services and insurance clients