Published January 2024

Fun fact did you know that Engage Squared’s first official office opened in New Zealand over a decade ago?

A lot has changed in the world of technology since then, but our ethos and mission has remained the same – to make work better for everyone. Until this year, our presence in New Zealand has been relatively small compared to Australia, but that’s starting to change as we double the numbers of ‘boots on the ground’ to meet customer demand. 2023 was a huge year for our business. In New Zealand, demand for our services grew by 50%! With more organisations looking to embark on digital transformation journeys, we made the decision to expand our team with the acquisition of a modern work business. This acquisition means we’re now able to support more organisations to make work better and is something we couldn’t be prouder of.

In celebration of this news, this blog is dedicated to introducing you to our New Zealand business and the phenomenal talent that make up our team.

How we can help you

With over two decades of collective knowledge in the world of Microsoft 365, our team are experts on innovation. Our services included, but are not limited to:

  • Modernising outdated ways of working
  • Migrations to the cloud and moving away from legacy systems
  • Adoption and change management
  • Microsoft 365 support

Our experts

Our team has grown substantially over the last year, bringing onboard even more skills, expertise and smiling faces who we are very excited to introduce you to. Below are the key roles you can expect to engage with when working with us.

Leadership: Our leadership team is made up of old friends who are now together, leading Engage Squared into a bright future in NZ. With over 20 years’ experience in the Microsoft 365 world, we are experts in digital workplace modernisation and know how to help your organisation make the most of what is available to you.

Project Managers: Our New Zealand team has a dedicated project management team, ensuring seamless executions of Microsoft 365 solutions. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our experts navigate complexities, ensuring timely deliveries and exceptional outcomes for your projects. Our PM team will lead, coordinate, and drive success.

Microsoft 365 Consultants: Our team of consultants is made up of seasoned experts, dedicated to optimising your digital workspace. With a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft 365 suite, we can create tailored strategies and solutions to meet your needs and enhance productivity. Trust our consultants to guide you through the world of Microsoft 365, ensuring sustained growth and innovation.

Adoption & Change Management Consultants: Our adoption and change management team specialises in guiding transformative journeys within Microsoft 365. Through strategic planning and user-centric approaches, we empower seamless transitions, fostering innovation. Count on our dedicated experts to drive adoption, facilitate change, and ensure that your Microsoft 365 deployment realizes its full potential, unlocking productivity and efficiency across your organisation.

Solution Architect: Our solution architects brings a wealth of enterprise architecture knowledge which is used to craft tailored Microsoft 365 solutions. With a keen eye for innovation and an understanding of your unique needs, we will design strategies that elevate your digital landscape. Trust our architect and execute Microsoft 365 solutions that propel your organisation towards success.

More on the experts that make up our teams can be found below.


Project Managers


If you’re looking for Microsoft 365 experts in New Zealand then look no further.