As the newest addition to the Microsoft Viva suite, Viva Goals has been designed to help keep the vision and mission of your organisation on-track. It’s built from the solid foundations of the OKR framework (Objectives and Key Results) which is a simple but incredibly effective way to tie broad business objectives to specific and measurable actions.

Why this is this useful?

With many organisations expanding their talent pool search beyond traditional geographic boundaries, the need to focus on culture, sense of belonging and purpose has never been more important. As we move away from ‘hours spent’ in the office to measuring ‘impact’ it’s critical that employees are aligned to the ‘bigger picture’ and have a mechanism for demonstrating and tracking their impact to leaders.

The ad-hoc conversations and information that used to be shared through osmosis, as a natural by-product of being in the same shared space, has slowly faded away as more employees choose to work remotely.

“While in-office collaboration wasn’t a silver bullet to support things like purpose and culture, in a remote world, it’s easy for employees and leaders to feel rudderless and disconnected to the purpose of an organisation.”

Enter Viva Goals.

The timing of this launch couldn’t be better. Many organisations are at an inflection point as they adjust their models and settle in for permanent hybrid working. As part of that adjustment, it’s crucial to consider how you bring employees on the journey with you and how you’ll continue to support their professional and personal growth within your organisation.

While the technology is great, it’s important to remember what this is really about – adopting a new framework and a new mindset about how you’ll maintain pace and achieve better outcomes in today’s complex world.

So, how does Viva Goals help you adopt a new framework and cultivate a sense of belonging and purpose?

It’s simple and intuitive interface helps you navigate between your personal OKRs, your team OKRs and organisation’s OKRs from within the one window.

From here, you can view sample OKRs or add an objective, tab across to view relevant projects or dashboards, view historical or future OKRs.

When creating a new objective, you have the option to assign a delegate, choose the time period, the visibility of the objective (private or public), the outcome, progress and importantly alignment to the relevant vision/goal.

How to get access to Viva Goals

Viva Goals is available today and is included as part of the existing licensing for the Microsoft Viva suite. There’s no additional cost to the existing premium license subscription.

Want to get a closer look? Get in touch to book in a free 1 hour demo of the Viva Suite.