Engage Squared expands its employee experience practice by becoming first official Glint services partner in APAC

Melbourne, Australia — November 30, 2022 — Engage Squared and people success platform Glint are joining forces to help more leaders improve employee engagement, reduce attrition, support, and develop the people they hire.

Findings from Microsoft’s most recent Work Trend Index report highlights the growing complexity that companies face because of hybrid and remote work. Employees have a new ‘worth it’ equation, priorities have shifted, and people are voting with their feet with more than half of the 31,000 people surveyed reporting leaving their current employer in the next 12 months. The imperative for leaders to invest in employee experience and culture is only growing. Having the right listening systems and tools to track employee sentiment and wellbeing has become critical to business success.

Since launching in 2015, Engage Squared has been on a mission to make work better. The company is expanding on this mission by becoming the first-ever Glint services partner in APAC. The addition of Glint to Engage Squared’s roster of strategic partnerships strengthens the company’s ability to provide a more wholistic service offering to clients who are investing in employee experience initiatives.

“Over the past two years we’ve noticed a shift in the type of stakeholders we’re collaborating with. It’s gone from a predominantly IT-led audience to more multi-disciplinary teams, who are looking to improve employee engagement and retention” said Stephen Monk, CEO at Engage Squared. “It’s also a natural fit for us, given the recent announcement of Glint moving into the Microsoft Viva Suite and our position as the leading employee experience and Viva partner globally.”

Through this expanded partnership, Engage Squared and Glint will jointly extend their capabilities and develop joint offerings across three areas:

  • Employee experience and measurement initiatives
  • Supporting customer adoption of Microsoft Viva + Glint
  • Organisational change management programs

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About Glint

Glint is a people success platform that leverages real-time data to help global organisations increase employee engagement, develop their goals, and improve business results.

Glint is in the business of people and know that great companies are fuelled by great cultures, and great cultures are built by great teams. Glint are obsessed with building a happy, thriving team because people not only power the Glint culture, but also build products and experiences that help power organisational cultures around the world.