Published September 2023

Viva Glint is Microsoft’s latest addition to the Viva suite and your new favourite employee feedback tool. In this blog, we share the benefits of introducing Viva Glint into your organisation. 

Are you among the 80% of decision makers and managers hungry for real-time, game-changing employee feedback to help drive continuous improvement across your organisation? Well, we have some exciting news for you. Microsoft has recently launched Viva Glint – the new “voice of the employee” solution aimed at helping people to be happier and more successful at work. This is the latest gem in the Viva Suite, a collection of applications designed to supercharge employee engagement and business performance.

Viva Glint isn’t your typical employee engagement tool. It blends cutting-edge technology with psychology and employee feedback to provide managers with insights and actions aimed at understanding and enhancing the employee experience. Think of it as your magic mirror, reflecting what truly makes your team tick!

Viva Glint

Why Viva Glint is a game-changer

In today’s competitive business landscape, staying attuned to employee sentiments, fostering a positive culture, and boosting engagement are critical factors for success.

  • In 2022, organisations with high employee engagement showed high resilience, outperforming the broader market. The stats speak for themselves, companies that invest in employee engagement experience:2.5 times higher profit
  • 3 times lower attrition
  • 3 times lower burnout

And that’s just a snippet of the impact of an engaged workforce!

How Viva Glint boosts employee engagement 

After working with 1,200 organisations and performing multiple studies, Glint have found empirical evidence that when organisations invest in employee engagement resources this results in employees that help their organisations outperform the competition in profitability, brand perception, and even financial resilience.

When employees witness action taken on their feedback they become further engaged, self-reporting increased brand loyalty and perception of their organisation and its leaders.

Key benefits include:

  • Transparent action plans: When employees share their thoughts through Viva Glint surveys, they are met with tangible outcomes. Giving employees a voice and actually acting on it sends a strong message that the company values their employee’s opinions and is committed to making positive changes.
  • Managerial support and training: No more drowning in data! Viva Glint equips managers with tools to gain insights into their team sentiment and provide them with tangible action plans.
  • Recognition and appreciation: Employee recognition is a key driver of motivation and engagement. Viva Glint enables organisations to acknowledge and appreciate employee contributions, boosting morale and reinforcing positive behaviours.
  • Aligning with organisational goals: When employees see their individual efforts aligning with the broader organisational goals, their sense of purpose and engagement naturally increases. Viva Glint helps organisations connect the dots between individual contributions and the company’s mission, leading to a more engaged workforce.
  • Empower the employee journey: Viva Glint’s not a one-hit wonder. From day one to the final farewell, Viva Glint is there for the whole ride. Viva Glint offers customisable reporting capabilities that allow you to measure and report the success of your employee’s journey. Leadership can use this to develop strategies to boost retention and engagement.
  • Employee well-being initiatives: Feedback and insights captured in Viva Glint can shed light on employee well-being and work-related stress factors. Armed with this information, organisations can implement wellness programs and policies that address employee needs, promoting a healthier and more engaged workforce.
  • Celebrating diversity and inclusion: Viva Glint’s data-driven insights can help identify diversity-related challenges and opportunities, enabling organisations to create more inclusive environments where all employees can thrive.
  • Continuous improvement: Improving employee engagement is not a one-time effort; it requires consistent attention. Viva Glint’s analytics help organisations track engagement over time, enabling them to monitor the impact of initiatives and adjust strategies as needed to maintain high levels of engagement. Viva Glint’s predictive insights will give you foresight for spotting trends and challenges before they knock on your door.

Like what you see?

Feeling the Viva Glint buzz? It’s time to immerse your organisation into a world of heightened employee engagement! Viva Glint is available as a standalone platform within Microsoft 365 or can be purchased as part of the wider Viva Suite Microsoft 365 license.

We understand that every organisation’s employee engagement journey is unique. Whether you’re new to measuring engagement or just looking to review your current approach, our team are here to support you. From establishing an engagement strategy through to configuring and launching your platform, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Our Viva Glint proof-of-concept offering explores four stages of a Viva Glint program to help you establish a strong feedback program across your organisation, all of which are underpinned by a comprehensive change management support program; these include:

  • Phase 1: Goals – Vision & strategy
  • Phase 2: Launch – Program design, setup & go-live
  • Phase 3: Insight – Analyse results
  • Phase 4: Transform – Benefit realisation
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