Let us help you manage your M365 environment so you can focus on the task at hand!

IT professionals, Product Owners and Change Managers – hands up if you’ve ever struggled to keep on top of the number of updates to Microsoft 365? Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE SaaS and cloud-based technology. But we also know it comes with challenges for the people who are tasked with managing it day-to-day. Most teams don’t have capacity to help mature the use of core apps like Microsoft Teams within their business, let alone keep on top of some 500+ updates across the M365 ecosystem every year!

Unless your job is solely to look at what’s coming on the M365 roadmap, it’s likely that this is a problem for you and your business. Plus, we know this challenge is only going to get worse (not better) as more businesses double-down their investment in cloud technology, meaning more updates across more platforms, creating further complexity to your existing operations. But we have good news. Managing the ‘evergreen’ nature of SaaS and cloud technology doesn’t have to be difficult!

What is ‘intranet as a service’?

Let us help you with our ‘Microsoft 365 ACM & Evergreen Service’, designed to help you take the complexity out of managing new features and updates across the M365 ecosystem.

How does it work?

Designed as a monthly offer, our M365 ACM & Evergreen Service takes the hassle out of managing the platform by providing you with a set of adoption & change management services and reports that free you up to focus on higher-value things. Specifically, we’ll provide you with:

  1. Access to a PowerBI dashboard or Teams app to help you see what’s coming and the impact of the changes at a glance
  2. A monthly report highlighting the top updates coming to M365 – including change risk and opportunity scoring across people and technology
  3. Access to a team of change management and technical experts who can translate what each update to M365 means for your business
  4. Support with use-case identification and solutioning
  5. Strategic planning, advice and guidance to support new initiatives in your organisation (e.g. launch of a new app)
  6. Adoption reporting – including monitoring of M365 usage stats within the Admin Centre
  7. Regular facilitation of product and scenario-based training to your staff
  8. Communications support – including capturing success stories across your organisation

Depending on your needs, there are three levels of support available:

  • Gold – our comprehensive end-to-end ACM and evergreen support, including regular training sessions, communications support, use case identification, evergreen reporting and more
  • Silver – our mid-level support option, which gives you access to training, evergreen reporting and more
  • Bronze – our light support option, which includes monthly adoption usage and reporting, facilitation of training and communications support

What problems does this app solve and what outcomes can you expect?

With the use of SaaS technology on the rise in many companies, it’s become increasingly important to think about how you’re going to manage and communicate new features and functionality to your workforce. This is critical for several reasons:

  1. It helps you proactively plan and assess the impact/opportunity of the change
  2. It reduces ‘change fatigue’ among staff, because you can bundle communications in ways that make sense for your business
  3. And last, but perhaps most important, it helps you continue to get the most ROI out of your investment in M365

In short, you can say goodbye to:

  • Limited visibility of what’s coming on the M365 roadmap
  • Staff feeling confused about what features and functionality to use within the platform
  • Poor employee experience with new feature updates
  • Unclear roles and responsibility and loose governance practices
  • Relying on IT to inform key business stakeholders about new changes

And hello to:

  • A way to increase visibility of what’s coming and the benefits across key business stakeholders – IT, Change Managers, Internal Comms and others
  • A clear process for managing new updates
  • Increased ROI for new and existing features within M365
  • Staff who feel supported through dedicated training and timely communications

How to get started

If you’d like to learn more about our M365 ACM & Evergreen Service and how it could apply to your organisation, get in touch.