Let us help you bring your manual processes into the digital age!

Manual based processes are a common and time intensive occurrence for government departments. Throw in a paper-based manual process and you really have a 1980’s situation on your hands. It’s terrible for productivity and it’s terrible for the planet – double whammy. 

Government departments are known for their strict processes and it’s with good reason – they are dealing with highly confidential information. It’s crazy to think a lot of these processes are still done through pen and paper, but it’s understandable. No one likes the effort of change. But surely managing thousands of paper-based briefs is worse? The lack of transparency on each brief, poor reporting, limited ability to apply compliance, security, and retention controls, together with a manual effort is enough to make you say it again – crazy. 

However, we have good news. The desire by government to digitise their briefing and correspondence systems is alive and kicking and we are proud to have developed a tool to bring this process online. No longer do staff have to walk between buildings to get physical signatures or worry when they misplace a physical document, thanks to our briefing management platform!

What is the briefing management platform?

Our briefing management platform (BMP) is an electronic tool allowing users to initiate and manage briefs from the department, all the way through to Premier’s approval. You’re welcome, leaders! 

How does it work?

BMP creates a transparent and consistent process for briefings to be managed online, right up to the Premier’s approval. It brings communication from multiple tracking systems into one place, creating visibility and reducing inefficiencies.  

Built as a MS Teams app, BMP replaces what has often been a manual and paper-based effort. With hybrid work at the forefront of every employer’s mind and Teams being the glue that holds teams together, BMP allows for remote working and is easily accessed from iPad’s, laptops, and home computers, all controlled by the sophisticated security in Azure Active Directory. 

Briefings can be created, tracked, and approved all in one place, with an interactive and personal dashboard on Teams. BMP enables users to easily create and share reports, manage workflows and their own security model across different product types. This means that records can now have the appropriate levels of access, and control can be given back to departments, to determine and update access where required.

BMP is built on top of Microsoft 365, using the powerful document management in SharePoint Online, the Power Automate workflow engine, and Azure AD security controls. In the background, the tool can integrate with an existing records management platform as required by the department to meet retention and disposition compliance policy.

What problems does it solve?

BMP was developed to save time, improve processes, and save the planet – yes really. Reducing carbon footprint was a genuine objective from one government department when we developed this tool and we’re pleased to report that it’s done just that!

Say goodbye to:

  • Paper based briefing matters
  • Time wasted through manual processes
  • Managing disposition schedules for paper documents
  • A guilty conscious of your work carbon footprint

Say hello to:

  • An efficient, digital-first experience
  • Transparency on briefing matters
  • Reporting and status updates
  • Enterprise compliance and security controls

How to get started

Two government departments are already using bespoke implementations of our BMP tool, with the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) speaking highly of its capability in this case study.

If our BMP tool sounds like something that could help your department, please get in touch and we would love to discuss it further.

Want to get a closer look? Get in touch to book in a free demo of our BMP solution.