Save yourself that hassle of having to become a super-sleuth when trying to find contact details with our Address Book!

How often have you struggled to find the contact details of someone in your organisation or at a partner agency? Chances are that this happens to you quite often! And it’s no surprise, collaboration is at the heart of what most of us do every day. But if you work in a large organisation, with staff dispersed across different locations, time zones, and tenants, it can feel impossible to find the right people when you need them. This is true for connecting with colleagues internally to your organisation as well as externally with vendors or agencies that you might partner with on a regular basis.

Often, people need to rely on their personal networks to find the right person to speak to. Well…that is until now! Enter our Address Book solution, designed specifically to help you find the right people both within your business and externally across partner agencies or departments.

What is the Address Book solution?

Powered by Azure Cognitive Search, the Address Book provides a Bing-like search experience, allowing users to find people through name, role or email address. It’s a simple and secure app that enables frictionless communication between collaborative agencies.

How does it work?

At its simplest form, it’s a Teams app that you can deploy into your environment and pin within MS Teams. Staff can access the address book from the left-hand rail and use the search bar within the app to find relevant people.


Users can easily filter results based on job title or department. There’s no need to know someone’s email address or even their full name, simply add in the information you know (like a job title or phone number) and the app will do the rest.

On top of this, staff can customise their own profile within the Address Book, including updating  contact details such as their phone number, or adding an out-of-office message that will be displayed to users who might be searching for that person or role.

What problems does this app solve?

Plenty. For organisations that might have multiple tenants, this solution is a great way to bridge the gap between people spread across different environments. For organisation such as government agencies, healthcare providers or retail businesses, who regularly collaborate with external partners, this solution provides a secure form of communication – allowing for interactions between white-listed parties to happen within the security boundaries set by your business.

In short, you can say goodbye to:

  • Relying on your internal network to connect with the right people
  • Spending unnecessary time trawling through out-of-date org charts
  • Having limited visibility of who’s who
  • Duplicating effort across teams
  • Disjointed communication and lack of visibility of who’s responsible for what

And hello to:

  • Quick and easy access to the right subject-matter-experts
  • Seamless collaboration across teams and departments
  • Simple cross-tenant connection and collaboration
  • Finding the right person when you need them – regardless of whether they’re a known contact or not!

How to get started:

For tech-savvy people, you can get started for free and host your own version of the app, by following the details available on GitHub.

If you need more help, Engage Squared can deploy the Address Book into your environment, and customise the app to meet your specific needs. We can also help with the change management activities and ongoing support of the solution if needed.

To learn more about how we can help, get in touch.

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