15 March 2023


11am - 12pm AEDT / 1pm - 2pm NZDT


Online webinar

Hybrid working has allowed employees to change the way they work. Whilst these changes are mostly good changes (hello lunchtime gym classes and mid-morning laundry loads) one area that still needs improvement is the connection we have to our co-workers and organisation.

Microsoft Viva launched two years ago to solve this very challenge – but Viva doesn’t look the same as it did back then. There have been new modules added, more to come, and even a rebrand of everyone’s favourite Social Enterprise Network, ‘Yammer’, which is now Viva Engage. There is a lot to digest!

Viva is here to stay and once you have your head wrapped around it, you will love the common set of challenges that it’s been designed to solve in today’s hybrid world:

  • Connection – Keeping employees informed, included and inspired
  • Insight – Improve productivity and welling with actionable insights
  • Purpose – Align employees to team and organisational goals
  • Growth – Helping your employees to learn, grow and succeed

Join Engage Squared and Microsoft as we provide an overview of Viva, share tips on keeping your employees feeling connected through a well-planned digital workplace and employee experience strategy, and give our expert insights into why your intranet plays a very special role in re-connecting and re-energising your employee experience.

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With special guests

Harshil Mistry
Modern Work Specialist
Bryan Holyoake
NZ Managing Director
Engage Squared
Rachel Harnott
Digital Workplace and Employee Experience Practice Lead
Engage Squared