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Most organisations today enjoy modern ways of working on cloud and SaaS solutions.

After all, they have allowed us to continue some form of normality throughout a pandemic, as remote working became normal for many office workers. Whilst they bring many benefits, the rapid roll out of changes can be hard to keep up with, especially as these solutions are evergreen. Although most changes are low risk and low impact from a technical perspective, the adoption of Microsoft 365 and its 500+ updates each year is where the real challenge lies. Remember, knowledge is power.

As your employees become familiar with the Microsoft 365 platform, the demand for support and maturity will increase and this is before any updates have been rolled out and need to be adopted.

This is where our Adoption & Change Management managed service can help. Our team of change experts will act as an extension of your own team over a 12-month period, helping you to maximise and absorb the existing functionality within Microsoft 365 and proactively plan for upcoming changes on the roadmap.

Our managed service has been designed as monthly retainer, across three service levels, giving you the flexibility to leverage our expertise beyond Microsoft 365 initiatives and ensure a consistent approach to adoption & change management.

Our Adoption & Change Management Managed Service will help you with:


1. Defining an evergreen change operating model

Including development of risk assessment and triage process, developing a cadence for message centre & roadmap monitoring and reporting. Helping you to proactively plan for major changes.

2. Proactive & regular ACM activities

Establishing a series of monthly and quarterly change management, business analysis and adoption activities – to help keep up with demand to use Microsoft 365 for more advanced use cases across your business.

3. Strategic planning & advice

Regular access to our technical and change experts. Providing you with the flexibility to leverage our expertise beyond Microsoft 365; and ensure a consistent approach to adoption & change management.

What you can expect 

We’ll work with you to define a set of activities that best meet your needs. Together, we’ll help you achieve the following outcomes:

  1. A clearly defined evergreen change operating model for your business
  2. Enhanced business engagement and support model
  3. Improved access to adoption metrics and insights
  4. Increased ROI on core collaboration apps within Microsoft 365


What’s included

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