Frontline workers

Challenges for the frontline

Disengage & disconnected workforce

Connecting to frontline workers can be challenging, leading to disengaged employees, difficulty accessing information, and ultimately impacting productivity.

Manual & inefficient processes

Manual processes and outdated digital tools hinder efficiency, at scale this makes a real impact.

Inefficient onboarding & low retention

Inefficient onboarding & low retention rates – Organisations face huge challenges onboarding, training, and retaining a distributed workforce.

Lack of purpose-built devices

Workers are using multiple devices, platforms and workarounds to complete tasks, leading to inefficiency & confusion

Staying protected & compliant

Uneven security practices, outdated IT, and information silos increase risk across the organisation.

Enable your Frontline Workforce with Microsoft funded Workshop


  • Understand frontline opportunity
  • Share organisational information 
  • Identify executive sponsors and business stakeholders 


  • Envisioning the ‘Art of the Possible’
  • Experience solutions first-hand 
  • Identify frontline worker challenges and pain points 

Design and Plan

  • Deep dive on frontline challenges
  • Develop a strategy 
  • Get a tailored success plan based on your scenarios

Streamlining compliance monitoring

Enabling frontline workers

Connecting Legal Workers

Want to help your frontline workers?