Author: Jack Hendy

April M365 Monthly Updates

We’re back highlighting our top 10 M365 updates and whilst there are many new features rolling out this month, keep an eye out for some exciting updates in the Microsoft Viva Insights space.

March M365 Monthly Updates

With changes across the entire Microsoft 365 suite, March M365 monthly updates are sure to improve your user and admin experiences!

February M365 Monthly Update

February is a short month, but there is no shortage of updates to the M365 stack. We’re here to share the latest from Microsoft in our February M365 monthly update

January M365 Monthly Update

Acclimatising to the new year is a struggle, so we’re here to share the latest from Microsoft in our January M365 monthly update.

Microsoft 365 Updates: October

We summarise the top Microsoft 365 updates for October, with key updates for Teams, SharePoint and Viva making things that bit easier.