Year of Yammer Down Under

When we heard that the global Yammer team was in town for the Ignite tour we jumped at the chance to get up close and personal with them and the new Yammer. We knew we wouldn’t be the only ones, so we organised two exclusive business user group events, in Melbourne and Sydney respectivly, to satisfy the Yammer die-hards (and those without Ignite tour tickets).  

The events kicked off with an animated demo of all the new features from Steven Nguyen the primo Yammer evangelist. The live video capture was a highlight, but he also covered some great advancements in community management features such as pinning conversations at the top of a group and stopping replies all together on controversial posts.

Jason Mayans, Yammer Program Manager, then continued to define the new simplified Yammer vision as well as some stories from his colourful 21-year tenure with Microsoft. We ended with an insightful audience Q&A and more importantly drinks and nibbles.

Main takeaways from the events

  • A clear vision for Yammer: It’s great to have a clear direction from the team for the future of Yammer, simply summed up with three pillars: Leadership engagement, knowledge and community. This helps to clarify and position Yammer as an ‘outer loop’ tool to enable broad, organisational conversations, in contrast with the ‘inner loop’ tools; helping to answer the common questions around when to use Yammer and when to use Teams.
  • KISS: The much-loved acronym for ‘Keep It Simple Silly’ sums up the new direction from the Yammer team – don’t over complicate things. Simplifying the design by reducing to only one feed, decluttering the layout and adding a splash of colour makes the new interface feel modern and relevant.

The best of the new with Yammer

  • Yammer from Outlook: Don’t just consume – respond directly from your email. Interactively reply to the Yammer post from within the email to ensure everyone has their say.
  • Live video mobile video capture: Natively film, edit and publish a video from within Yammer. And do it quickly. With supercharged rendering, your video will be ready before you know it
  • Community focus: Communities replace groups in the new Yammer, bringing with them some needed customisation options and clarity on their purpose.

What can you do to prepare?

  • Join the Yammer public preview program from here  
  • Get a sneak peek and ask a member of Engage Squared to give you a quick demo
  • Join the O365 BUG (Business user group) meetups in Melbourne & Sydney to keep up to date with all the new updates
  • Start engaging your business now to plan for your launch or re-launch   

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