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Like many organisations facing COVID-19, we are preparing for travel bans, workplace restrictions and likely quarantine for significant periods of time to minimise the spread of the virus.

For many employees, working from home will lower their chance of exposure to virus carriers, and in the long run significantly reduce the impact of Coronavirus throughout the region.

The processes and systems of some companies are ready for this type of modern workplace capability. For staff working remotely, the transition will (hopefully) be relatively smooth.

Tech companies like Engage Squared are well placed for remote work. We deal in collaboration tools and training, cloud-based networks and enterprise social media platforms every day.

However, many organisations trail behind in their adoption of a modern workplace and may face significant disruption to their business and financial wellbeing in coming months.

While it takes time and effort to properly move your workforce and data into a modern cloud-based environment, there are small but significant steps your organisation can take immediately to help bridge the gap; better late than never!

Microsoft Office 365 offers the ideal suite of apps for working remotely, collaborating, and sharing data and files securely from the cloud. When employees take advantage of its strengths, companies can survive and thrive in the uncharted environment we face. But employees will need help to stay productive when working from home if they have little prior experience.

Microsoft Teams is in the spotlight as the ideal tool to enable employees working from home. It has made remote working more viable than ever before, illuminating the benefits of the Office 365 suite.

Microsoft are putting maximum effort into ensuring their cloud-based services are ready for the expected boom in demand.

It isn’t too late to deploy, implement and test these modern workplace services.

Here are a few suggestions:

Quick wins

If your organisation is licensed for Office 365, ensure all staff have access.

Enable Microsoft Teams across your organisation. It’s free and user restrictions have been lifted from 10 March 2020.

Publish advice to your employees on working effectively from home.

Enable and promote Yammer across your organisation, giving staff a voice and an open forum for discussion.

Set up a Crisis Communication portal within your organisation.

We can help your organisation with any of these needs. Talk to us now at Engage Squared.

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More tips from the front line

Microsoft Teams user interface showing the All Company channel

Advise & communicate


Avoid clogging your employee’s Outlook inbox by using your All Company channel in Microsoft Teams to quickly communicate updates regarding policy, advice and latest warnings. Teams encourages two-way discussions; concerned employees will soon get to the crux of the matter.


Enable and promote Yammer as an open discussion forum with equal access to all employees, from the CEO to the intern.

Engage a competent person to moderate your internal Yammer discussion threads and answer the tough questions, being aware that the Coronavirus may cause stress and anxiety in people, and manage it with facts and solutions.


Insert a prominent title region as a focal point on your SharePoint intranet homepage, displaying your most urgent company-wide updates and advice.

Create a dedicated Coronavirus sub-site, displaying live RSS feeds from health authorities.

Embed relevant Yammer conversations into SharePoint intranet pages.


Microsoft are giving away a free PowerApp solution to provide crisis communications. It’s straight-forward to deploy, provides valuable services, and quite configurable.

Promote the Crisis Communications app to staff for use every day.

Microsoft Teams apps on mobile, tablet and desktop

Meetings & collaboration


Encourage your employees to download and use the mobile apps for Microsoft Teams, giving them full capability to collaborate, share and communicate with each other.

Microsoft Teams is the optimal tool for teamwork for remote access. Their current slogan is:

Chat from anywhere;
Meet from anywhere;
Call from anywhere;
Collaborate from anywhere.

Skype for Business

Organisations still using Skype for Business can fast-track their changeover to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft are providing plenty of guidance on upgrading to Teams.


Enable brainstorming and quick diagrams in meetings using Microsoft Whiteboard, one of the lesser known gems in the Office 365 suite.

Edit, reuse, modify, see previous versions and share your visual ideas among your team or a wider audience.

Share files via the cloud

Share files


The backbone of Office 365 is OneDrive. It enables secure storage and sharing of all files.

Gain significant bandwidth savings by sharing a direct link to a file on OneDrive that everyone can access. This vastly reduces heavy email attachments and confusion between document versions.

Help your employees move their files onto OneDrive and off local storage and network shared drives.


Apart from its brilliant capability as an intranet and a secure library of data and lists, SharePoint provides an interface into organisation-wide OneDrive file storage, allowing easy sharing, editing, and version control.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, like a Swiss army knife of collaboration, provides easy access to all Office documents and files, as well as offering quick links to edit in SharePoint or in your desktop apps.

Working from home



How to work from home, the right way.

Low internet speed, poor connectivity

How can I work from home with a slow internet connection?

  • Remember, edits you make offline are automatically uploaded next time you connect to OneDrive.

Reluctant employees

Preparedness and planning are the foundation for helping reluctant users switch to taking full advantage of Office 365 and a modern workplace.

Technical problems

Provide vital help desk contact details on your intranet homepage, or deploy a Crisis Communications app displaying ways to find help.

We can help your organisation with any of these needs. Talk to us now at Engage Squared.

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