Welcome Jason Visser to Engage Squared New Zealand

Growing New Zealand

I am excited to announce that I will be joining Engage Squared in Auckland to help grow the New Zealand practice. I am even more excited that I will be working with Bryan Holyoake again!

In case you don’t know Bryan, he is a fellow micro-processor nerd, with several back yard inventions trying to save the world from fossil fuels. He’s a legend playing Ultimate Frisbee for the New Zealand world team, raising a young family and running a successful business that is getting people working during the most formidable challenge of our generation.

About me

I have been mastering SharePoint since 2003 and have lived and breathed Microsoft 365 since its inception. During my 18 years, I have worked for the biggest players in Europe: Microsoft; Content & Code; Reply and Web Media 360 (now WM Reply), where I have held roles from developer to Director. Currently I am now working at Engage Squared in the Auckland office, where I luckily was able to travel from Europe to New Zealand before the pandemic hit its peak.

Within previous roles, I had played a key part in their successes with projects and building a culture that was both fun and productive. It’s difficult to pick a shortlist of clients as I have enjoyed working with all, but I have either architected or have been part of a team for: NHG (Notting Hill Genesis); Burberry; BAT (British American tobacco); EasyJet; Unilever; and many more.

Over the last six months, I helped organisations navigate through remote work with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. I built applications using PowerApps and Microsoft Power Automate to make companies more efficient and to help free up time for people so they can focus on more important things.

Joining Engage Squared was a great move. During my very first sales meeting, I came across real powerhouses within the Microsoft 365 space – people that I’d met and worked with in London about 16 years ago, just around the time Microsoft was combining MCMS with SharePoint to create MOSS or SharePoint 2007.

The team includes Roy Badawi, who is now the Chief Business Engagement Officer at Engage Squared and due to his extensive travels, his accent is more confusing than ever. Still, his Business and Sales experience is legendary. There is also Andrew Jolly, who has been bringing governance, stability, and great Microsoft 365 implementation to the Southern Hemisphere since the MOSS inception. Justin McPhee, who knows Microsoft 365 better than most of the Microsoft employees, but still has never written a line of code, and Stephen Monk tenaciously building companies and driving business forward.

What’s next

My plan for the next six month is helping Bryan with existing projects, integrate tighter with our Australian offices and further build on a winning culture, deliver results and help New Zealand organisations smoothly adapt to the new ways of working

Contact me

I would love to help you with your digital transformation project – contact me via email or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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