Sippin’ our own champagne part 3

Who knew that an automated bot could be so funny? Not that surprising when you learn that behind Engage Bot is the passionate and creative team lead by Robert Carrington. Normally, administrative tasks can be unmotivating and can be forgotten, but not at Engage Squared! We love doing admin! Okay… maybe not love, but they don’t feel so tedious when Engage Bot holds our hands and encourages us as we go.  

For our third and final edition of the blog series, we look at our automated bot to help us complete admin tasks and answer (sometimes strange) questions on Yammer. A family favourite, ‘What’s your favourite sleeping position?’, created by Evan Tse

‘Engage Bot’ (aka Time keeper, aka Productivity King) 

Challenge – We had integration with our tools and automated tasks and processes, but we wanted to ensure the automated notifications were not going to be ignored. We wanted our staff to engage with the bot and not just see it as more noise and push to the side. Along with prompting our staff for information to input into our systems, we also saw an opportunity to foster company culture using the bot as a fun and social tool.  

“We wanted to have an identity or something that people were actually going to want to engage with, rather than being like, oh here’s some more spam”– James Di Blasi, CTO 

Solution – The bot is not complicated, and technically it’s not an actual bot either. It was simply created with an Office 365 service account and using Power Automate to connect and prompt users to different tools and systems. An example flow set up is once a deal has been won in our CRM, a notification is sent to our time-sheeting system and Raven, our project portfolio app. Engage Bot helps users make decisions without having to really put in much effort. The bot is coming to us and saying, ‘hey is this ready?’ and then Engage Bot goes and does 50 different things rather than the user having to do them manually.  

It’s really like an employee, a really hard working employee” – James Di Blasi, CTO

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Besides the streamlining of automated processes, the real magic is with Engage Bot’s personality and fostering engagement. The team behind the bot, or as they like to be known, ‘The keepers to the flame’ (I’ve been told its in reference to a movie) have a lot to do with this. An example of this is when Engage Bot tags users in a post on Yammer asking them a question which will get a reply and can lead to conversations across the organisation. Engage Squared have offices across Australia and NZ so this is a great way to get people connecting socially. 

Result – Engage Bot has an identity, the team have turned a typical service account into a company mascot. With the years of solving business problems and automating tasks and processes, Engage Bot is all around us at Engage Squared, connecting us to different tools. From our very first day assisting with on-boarding to facilitating conversations on Yammer – Engage Bot is well and truly part of the family.  

It’s grown so much that everyone knows its identity, basically any production system that we have internally we use Engage BotJames Di Blasi, CTO

This blog was part of a three part series. Read our first blog we cover three solutions built to support and develop our employees professionally, and our second blog where we dive into our project and portfolio management platform Raven.

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