Our top 4 learnings from LiveTilesX

As a LiveTiles premium partner, Engage Squared were eager to see the developments to the redesigned LiveTiles product portfolio at the August LiveTilesX Conference. With the onset of COVID-19, many companies have needed to rapidly evolve and adapt the way they work and we weren’t disappointed by the direction LiveTiles is taking to “simplify the complex”.

“It’s not about trying to get people to adopt your intranet or digital workplace anymore… it’s about the solution adopting your people” –

Peter Nguyen-Brown

So, without further ado, here are our top 4 learnings from LiveTilesX:

1 – Hub joins LiveTiles Intranet

LiveTiles Intranet is three key products that function independently or can be used collaboratively:

  • Page Designer – LiveTiles iconic product.
  • Enterprise Intranet – Recently acquired and formerly known as Wizdom Intranet, and
  • Intranet Hub – Formerly Matchpoint Hub, new to the LiveTiles Intranet suite.

Hub delivers an Intranet outcome without the complexity of information architecture. It is an information aggregation solution that brings together content, data and tasks into a single page, that is quick to pull together. Hub can surface documents, tasks, news and Outlook from O365, as well as external news and RSS.

Our take on Intranet Hub
Hub is the OneStop shop we see so many companies trying to achieve. Users can feel overwhelmed by the number of apps and amount of data they need to navigate while doing their day to day business operations. Hub simplifies this by leveraging Microsoft Graph to surface all Office 365 content in a sleek, clear, device responsive interface.

Source: https://livetilesglobal.com/products/livetiles-intranet/#livetiles-intranet-hub

2- LiveTiles Everywhere is going … Everywhere

LiveTiles Everywhere is a new (but not new) addition to the LiveTiles suite. If you got excited about the Wizdom Power Panel, you will love that it is now available in Microsoft Teams, as LiveTiles Everywhere. LiveTiles Everywhere is a complete cloud application that unites SharePoint and Teams via an innovative, non-invasive, ever-present panel. It gives users access to their core business tools, dashboards and notifications without product switching.

What’s really exciting is LiveTiles Everywhere is currently being conceptualised for applications such as mobile, Outlook, and even a smart browser extensions which will recognise the programs you are using and prioritise data based on how you are working. Everywhere is also getting a new, reinvigorated welcome page. A global design-a-thon has just been launched to define what this will be. On top of that, the Page Designer capability is going to be embedded to create Everywhere pages and experiences with drag and drop capabilities.

Why we love LiveTiles Everywhere
From the moment we saw the Power Panel (LiveTiles Everywhere) introduced into Wizdom, we understood the power of this little gem. LiveTiles Everywhere has the potential to be your intranet, dashboard, tasks, socials, your entire work toolbox all in one discreet panel – that’s just there. With Microsoft Teams revolutionising the way we work, bringing the panel into Teams where most are now living their work lives, just seemed like a natural progression. In terms of apps for Teams, this app nails it!

3 – LiveTiles Reach audiences with Canva

LiveTiles Reach is a modern, SaaS, communications platform designed to author and push communication to both authenticating and non-authenticating users. Reach is available for your Intranet, as its own web experience, mobile app and now as a Microsoft Teams app. Coming soon, is Reach integration with Outlook, Slack and browsers, allowing users to receive communication directly in the apps that they use day to day. While its core features are based around news, and corporate communication, it can also be used to create events and accept registration. But the most exciting update for us, is that the content creation experience is going to be enhanced to include integration with Canva! That’s right! Soon you will be able to create rich, professional banners and images for your Reach content directly in Reach from Microsoft Teams. Finally, LiveTiles are currently working to integrate an AI driven, content summarisation and publishing feature which will generate a readable in-context summary of multiple articles.

Why we love LiveTiles Reach + Canva
Nice work LiveTiles! Integrating Canva as part of the content editing suite has excited many of the team here at Engage Squared. Canva is such a brilliant tool, by putting this at the fingertips of content editors they have the ability to create professional-looking images to support their content and events, without the need of specialist software or designers. 

4 – LiveTiles has got the Vibe!

LiveTiles Vibe is a brand new, FREE, Microsoft Teams app that was born out of a desire to help track employee wellness amid COVID-19. Users receive their Vibe as a card in Teams and can respond directly in the Teams app.

As a Vibes administrator, you can create a new Vibe from a range of predefined templates. Just update the wording/details, then schedule the day and time to send it. Vibe also supports recurring schedules and captures analytics around responses.

 Vibe is FREE! So why not download it and start capturing vibes today!

Our take on LiveTiles Vibe
Vibe has a lot of potential, so watch this space. It will be interesting to see where LiveTiles take it, and the feedback they receive. Having implemented similar solutions within Engage Squared, the key to ensuring momentum with Vibe is in demonstrating value to the user – be it value-adding to their work, or a fun distraction. What we do love about Vibe is the analytics dashboard that sits behind it showing user responses, which can be configured to be user identified or anonymous, and response times.

So that wraps up our key learnings from LiveTilesX, if you are keen to hear the full recording, head on over to the LiveTilesX website.

If you’re interested in any of the LiveTiles products, get in touch, Engage Squared are LiveTiles partners, can get you started and support you through your digital workplace journey.

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