New year, new name!

We’ve decided to start the new year with a new name! The consultancy formally known as WM360 will now be known as Engage Squared.

We were originally created as a child of our London, New York and Minsk office. We’re now setting up our own brand in Australia and New Zealand – called Engage Squared (or Engage2 for short) – and we are very excited about it!

For our valued clients, everything will be business as usual. We still have the same great team, and we’re still doing the same great work. We’ll also still be working closely with our European counterparts – they’re our partners now.

So how did we get our new name? Well, engagement is extremely important to us! We believe this can only be achieved by combining two things – Technology and People. Engage Squared will focus on bringing people and technology together to create great systems that people love to use!

Our new name reinforces the strong focus we apply to user experience, adoption, training, and user engagement. By taking this approach, we make sure that our clients find the right solutions for their business, and that their people are ready to adopt the solutions for better business outcomes and return on investment.

We loved working with you as WM360 and I’m sure you’ll love working with us as Engage Squared!

Happy 2017!

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