Microsoft Lists are rolling out now!

It’s official! Microsoft Lists have started rolling out across the web, and it’s shaping up to be the all-in-one, mini-solution creator we’ve long been waiting for. Microsoft Lists takes SharePoint lists to the next level with its abilities to: 

  • beautify and structure list forms, 
  • conditionally format data, 
  • apply conditional rules to form fields, and 
  • configure basic event-based actions. 

So, what exactly is Microsoft Lists? Is it SharePoint lists? Tasks? An entirely new app? Yes, yes and yes. If you missed it, we published a comprehensive blog about how Microsoft Lists makes tracking information easier and smarter in May. 

One thing’s for sure, once it hits your tenant you won’t miss its bright, multicoloured icon.  

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Here are at Engage Squared, our Consultants are very excited that this new no code/low code tool will hit our tenant any day now. Here’s why: 

  • Form customisations:
    • Custom headers and footers can now be added* allowing you to theme your forms.
    • The form body can also have custom styling applied* – hello, multi-columned forms and custom buttons!
    • Branching can now be achieved in forms through the new show/hide column rules
  • Permissioning – Both Lists and List Items use a permissioning model much like Documents where sharing access can extend to anyone, even outside the organisation, with the link.
  • Beautiful, usable mobile views – Finally! 
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Put all these pieces together, along with some emailing rules (now built into Lists), there is a whole lot of potential for beautifully designed forms and list items that can be shared publicly. Event registration, product information, feedback forms… 

Just like SharePoint Lists, Microsoft Lists will also support Lookup columns, indexing and recycle bin! Plus, Microsoft Lists can be integrated with Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. 

If that wasn’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, check out these upcoming features we’ve heard are in the pipeline: 

  • Calendar day and week views 
  • Kanban view 
  • Rules to create tasks 
  • Rules attached to site script list creation 

Ok, sounds pretty good, but what about licensing <insert sceptical look>? All you need is a license that includes SharePoint. That’s it! 

Visit the Microsoft Lists Resource Centre for more information, resources and to view the Microsoft List Look Book or why not book one of our Consultants for a 30 min chat (no obligation) on how best to use Microsoft Lists in your organisation. 

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