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The Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) is not awarded to just anyone in the tech industry. It’s a highly acclaimed and sought-after achievement that recognises outstanding contributions to the Microsoft community – and can only be received following peer recognition and nominations from existing MVPs.

The most recent intake saw one of our own, Rabia Williams, recognised as an MVP for Office Development. She’s been working at Engage Squared for the past 15 months, leading our development efforts on a range of major projects for our large financial services and banking clients.

Rabia is a true tech enthusiast who excels at solving problems with creatively coded solutions. Her tag line, now famous within Engage Squared, is “I will code for pizza” – and she really does, we tried! It’s easy to see why she was nominated as her passion for Office 365 development shines through everything she does!

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After having interviewed Rabia about her thoughts about becoming an MVP, she commented that being a woman in tech, she feels that she can finally contribute to discussions on stereotypes about women or any other minority groups in technology (who are equally as hard-working as she is). Her message is simply inspiring those groups to rise up and claim what they deserve.

To her, being awarded MVP is a constant reminder to be a better version of herself, refining her work to its utmost quality, the credibility of the replies she provides to others, her social responsibilities, and being a visible point of contact within the Microsoft community.

Rabia’s notable achievements at Engage Squared

Rabia has been a star performer at Engage Squared, leading our delivery of major projects for several key clients in the last year.

This includes ANZ Bank, where she led the upgrade of their legacy Intranet from 2010 to 2016, upgrading and refreshing .Net code – some of which was more than 7 years old. She has also been at the forefront of our SharePoint Online work at ANZ, leading our local and remote development teams to create their new intranet portal on SharePoint Online.

At Suncorp, Rabia has been leading our technical activities to implement a new Intranet based on our modern Office 365 Intranet Accelerator. She wears multiple hats, across DevOps, development, and architecture.

And recently, at V/Line, Rabia took on responsibilities as technical lead to deliver a new Intranet based on our accelerator.

Community contribution

Her dedication to both the Microsoft and wider developer communities has seen Rabia recognised for contributing to the office365-cli open source project amongst a number of others.

This is what really sets Rabia apart from the rest of the population: her willingness to help others and how she is constantly striving to leave footprints of knowledge and expertise wherever she goes.

Her most recent activities within the Microsoft community as an MVP include presenting at M365 May, where she conducted two sessions:

And if that wasn’t enough for you, she featured in a Microsoft 365 & SharePoint PnP Weekly Episode, talking about the ease of working with SPFx, to challenges of cloud-based authentication, and to being involved with the tremendous growth of Microsoft Teams apps/extensions.

“Rabia’s professionalism, enthusiasm for the product and the ease with which she was able to guide the client staff through the new functionality was exactly what was needed. She made an extremely positive impression with the client and us”
Some standout feedback from a partner last year

You can catch Rabia on LinkedIn here, otherwise reach out to us if you’re interested in her consulting services for your next project!

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