Intranet Accelerator

Modernise your digital workplace

Our Intranet Accelerator is a quick and effective way for organisations to get started with a modern, customisable enterprise intranet, offering a richly featured home for communication, collaboration and productivity.

Designed from the best bits of over 100 bespoke intranets, the Intranet Accelerator combines pages templates, modern, responsive web parts and application customisers to provide an innovative solution with no subscription cost. And what’s more, it’s implemented with CI/CD so you’ll get any future updates for free – we call it the “Engaged Model”! 

Powerful, easy-to-use authoring experiences empower content creators to quickly create beautiful, engaging content. Rich functionality is complemented by deep integration with the Office 365 product suite to give you a true modern digital workplace. 

Proven Quality

Advanced SharePoint Framework components deployed to some of Australia’s largest organisations.

Tailored Outcomes

Adapting to your needs, rapidly deployed and rebranded to get you up and running.

Powerful Features

Feature-rich with ongoing improvements to meet the needs of today and the future.

Design Flexibility

Fully mobile responsive designs and powerful, easy-to-use authoring experience.

Bespoke solution

What does our Intranet Accelerator give you?

The Intranet Accelerator offers your employees a targeted and personalised experience, equipping them with the tools and information they need to get the most out of their day. Fully mobile responsive design lets users securely connect anywhere, anytime from any device. 

Who's using it?

The core of the Intranet Accelerator is a range of cutting-edge SharePoint Framework (SPFx) components that we’ve built and deployed for some of Australia’s largest private and government organisations. We’ve taken the best tried and tested features from those projects – along with the knowledge and experience we’ve gained along the way – and combined them into our Intranet Accelerator to make them available to you.

Why is it right for your business?

With its wide range of proven components, layouts and features, the Intranet Accelerator can be rapidly deployed and rebranded to get you up and running with an excellent solution in no time. In most cases though, we like to treat the Accelerator as a starter kit – with so many core elements already taken care of, we can spend more time focused on working with you to adapt, expand and tailor the solution where needed.

More than 50 satisfied customers supporting their staff, clawing back thousands of hours and boosting productivity.

More than 1.5 million people across more than 70 countries use an intranet that we’ve designed and built when they log on to their computer each day.

2020 Roadmap

Multilingual Support

Intranet Accelerator to support Modern SharePoint Online’s Multilingual capabilities.

People Search WebPart with Department & Location dropdown

Further enhancement to our existing People Search WebPart to provide the ability to filter based off the department and location of a user, from the WebPart itself.

Create an intranet page from Teams

Integration between our Intranet Accelerator and Microsoft Teams, helping you bridge the gap between the two technologies, allowing for authors to create Intranet page content, directly from Teams.

Review and approve pages from Teams

All review / approval requests to be received within a Microsoft Teams channel for communications teams to review / collaborate on page content together.

Capture and respond to page feedback from Teams

Receive page feedback from users directly in Microsoft Teams, helping communication teams to review / collaborate on the feedback and actions within a collaborative environment.

Mega Menu authoring process

Mega Menu authoring process; Improved UI/UX when creating mega menu display.

Pages review

Dashboard to display all pages that have not been updated across the intranet for a set period of time (e.g. 6months).

Custom List Driven Reporting Capabilities

Hook into your existing SharePoint list data and visualise with our reporting visualizer WebParts in a range of different ways.

Stackla widget embed

Ability to include a filtered social media feed from Stackla on a page, displaying in a set Stackla layout template.

Embed external events feed

Showing events from external what’s on system.

Integrated external news with intranet news hub

Show news items from an authenticated external site in the News Hub.

Mega menu


Toolbox settings

Poll webpart

Feature news banner

News card with personalisation

About this page

Modern reusable content

Share price


News hub



Footer with feedback


Content creation wizard

Instant search

Instant people search

Persistent toolbox and search

Hub site support

Personalised favourite page

Personalised favourites on home page

Favourite pages

Useful links


Embed links

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