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4 May 2022

Online debate: Outcomes v hours worked – what should leaders focus on?

Join Engage Squared and SWOOP Analytics as we debate whether leaders should focus on hours worked or the outcomes achieved.

4 March 2022

Retail roundtable – Session 2: Innovate on process

Retail roundtable series: ‘Stories from the frontline’ – how to transform employee experience and use technology to improve operations in a hybrid world

25 February 2022

Government roundtable: Leading in a hybrid world

With traditional collaboration tactics no longer relevant in a hybrid world, how do leaders make the shift to a more adaptive and outcomes-based working culture?

17 February 2022

How to cut back on meetings & reduce your email in 2022

With hybrid work hear to stay, we’re all glued to our computers both at home and work. This is the year for productively so join us as we show you how to cut back on meetings & reduce your email in 2022.

30 November 2021

Masterclass: Equip your staff | How to design an architecture to support frontline/deskless workers and reduce complexity

In this masterclass, we’ll dive into the detail of how you can set up and deploy technology to a large, disperse and seasonal workforce. We’ll answer the core question of How do you take the complexity out of your IT operations to deploy and manage frontline applications?

25 November 2021

Masterclass: Innovate on processes | Innovate to remove operational overheads and design for a digital environment

With customer demands changing every day, the need to provide more flexible and hybrid experiences will only increase. During this masterclass we’ll educate you on what’s possible and how you can design processes that meet the unique needs of your staff and customers.

23 November 2021

Masterclass: The war for talent | Engaging and upskilling frontline/deskless staff in a hybrid work world

Over the past 18 months, the dynamics around how, where and when we work have changed. With findings from the Work Trend Report showing that nearly 50% of people are considering changing employers within the next 12 months, finding and attracting talent has never been more important.

4 November 2021

Viva Connections Explained and Planning Your Dashboard

During this webinar we will cover what Viva Connections is and deep dive into the considerations of its highly anticipated dashboard; a feature which allows organisations to present custom cards to users, each representing a different kind of task or action based on their role, location etc.

19 August 2021

Why you should use Channels instead of Chat

In this webinar, Engage Squared and SWOOP Analytics will show you the importance of working in Microsoft Teams Channels, instead of Chat, and the business value doing so will bring to your team.

29 July 2021 Webinar

Modern Records and Information Management Roundtable

Join our panel of experts including clients and Microsoft experts as we share our thoughts on how organisations are using M365 to govern their information.

3 June 2021 Webinar

How to become ‘Team Awesome’: Insights into SWOOP Analytics’ 2021 Microsoft Teams Benchmarking Report

We’ll walk you through the key findings from SWOOP Analytics’ 2021 Microsoft Teams Benchmarking Report

6 May 2021 Webinar

Microsoft Viva Explained

Hear from two leading Subject Matter Experts on Microsoft Viva as they give us a deep dive into all that you need to know about Connections, Insights, Topics and Learning.

11 March 2021 Webinar

Stories from the Frontline with Swoop Analytics

How collaboration and communication is connecting communities.

25 February 2021 Webinar

How to host an effective Teams or Yammer live event

Join Engage Squared to learn everything you need to know about running a live event.

12 February 2021 Webinar

Information Security and Reporting, Transformed

Join Engage Squared and AvePoint to learn about making your organisation and data secure.

26 November 2020 Webinar

SWOOP Analytics Global Yammer Benchmarking Report 2020

Your invitation to an exclusive preview of SWOOP Analytics 2020 Global Yammer benchmarking report to show you how organisations around the world are using Yammer during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

5 November 2020 Webinar

Accelerate your Microsoft 365 Adoption

It is a known fact, that implementing and increasing Microsoft Teams adoption in your organisation can be a long and daunting process. Join us to learn what you need to be setup up for long-term success.

28 October 2020 Webinar

Surviving Digital Workplace “Horror Stories” – A Responsive Org Event

In the horror year that is 2020, what are the tricks and treats that have helped organisations survive and thrive? Join us in a Halloween special as we look at the horrors that we’ve tackled in our digital workplaces from Ghostwriting to technological terror!

1 October 2020

DWG24 Live

Engage Squared is proud to be named as a speaker at the upcoming DWG24 Event. Join Mark Woodrow and many others broadcasting from around the world over 24 hours. It’s TOTALLY FREE to join! Discover the digital workplace you deserve!

23 September 2020

Lessons learned 6 months into the pandemic

For the past 6 months into the pandemic, what have you learned? Join us for a panel discussion where we put this under a microscope on what tactics have been a success, a failure, and behaviours emerging due to the pandemic.

2 September 2020 Webinar

How organisations (and individuals) are being more responsive in 2020

Join us to hear insights from a group of Responsive thinkers from Microsoft, Swoop Analytics, OnePoint and many more!

27 August 2020 Webinar

Is your Teams platform becoming a victim of its own success?

Learn how to apply governance in Microsoft Teams: what you can control, governance best practices, and techniques to introduce governance without compromising adoption. 

6 August 2020 Webinar

Low Code, High Impact Apps with Microsoft Power Platform

We will share how some of the top organisations around Australia are leveraging the Power Platform to solve business challenges.

23 July 2020 Webinar

Innovation & Ideation Panel – generating ideas at scale for the new normal

Join us to explore the ideation platform, Sideways 6, and how this can improve your business through employee’s ideas at scale.

24 June 2020 Webinar

Office Safe: Shifts in Microsoft Teams

We explore the benefits of WFH with Microsoft 365 and how to get the most out of the tools for your organisation

11 June 2020 Webinar

Engage Squared & Sitecore: Content Hub

We explore the benefits of WFH with Microsoft 365 and how to get the most out of the tools for your organisation

30 April 2020 Meetup

Productive Teams with Dermot Crowley

We explore the benefits of WFH with Microsoft 365 and how to get the most out of the tools for your organisation

2 April 2020 Meetup

Microsoft Teams Working from Home Best Practices

In this working from home webinar, we delve into some essential best practices for Microsoft Teams.

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