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2 September 2020 Webinar

How organisations (and individuals) are being more responsive in 2020

Insights from a group of Responsive thinkers including:

Angus Florance (Microsoft)

Mark Woodrow (Engage Squared)

Cai Kjaer (Swoop Analytics)

Alister Webb (Author: Designing Collaboration)

Luke Grange (OnePoint)

Rita Zonius (The Enterprise Social Engineer)

Abi Goodfellow (Deputy)

Melinda Grant (Engage Squared) is an independent global community committed to creating and growing Responsive Organisations and enabling a fundamental shift in our way of working and organizing. Responsive Organizations are designed to thrive in less predictable environments by balancing the following tensions:

More Predictable <-> Less Predictable

Profit <-> Purpose Hierarchies <-> Networks Controlling <-> Empowering Planning <-> Experimentation Privacy  <-> Transparency

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