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26 November 2020 Webinar

SWOOP Analytics Global Yammer Benchmarking Report 2020

We are proud to be hosting an exclusive preview of the 2020 SWOOP Analytics Global Yammer Benchmarking report.

Learn how organisations around the world are using Yammer during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Get fascinating insights into how the world’s best Yammer networks are engaging their employees and keeping the focus on wellbeing and fun while achieving high levels of productivity.

This is the world’s largest-ever analysis of Yammer networks! Swoop benchmarked 116 organisations, almost 9,000 Yammer Communities, more than 2,600,000 employees and 17 million+ interactions.

Findings include:

  • We saw record levels of Yammer activity during the transition period to working from home as employees looked to connect online.
  • While there was a drop-off in activity after April, levels of responsiveness and engagement between staff increased, suggesting stronger relationships were formed.
  • We found staff sentiment overall was far more positive than negative. In the early days of working from home, the sentiment seemed to be at its highest positive levels.
  • The most common word, by far, for all word clouds analysed across networks was “Thanks”.

As well as giving you an in-depth look at what makes a successful Yammer network, we’re showcasing some of the world’s most productive Yammer Communities. We’ll give you guidelines and measurements to improve your Yammer network and you’ll be able to compare your network with the best in the world.

Register now to ensure you are among the first to receive the report. 

Some of the findings are sure to surprise you.

Report authors Dr Laurence Lock Lee and Sharon Dawson will take you through the report.

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