RACV: Streamlining compliance monitoring with Power Apps


  • Increased overall business productivity
  • Saved 3 days’ worth of manual administration effort with real-time
  • Costs to run their data are now minimal

RACV recognises that providing a great  experience to its members is critical to their business. RACV’s call centre and shop staff  are subject to quality and compliance assurance review processes which were being managed using  an aging system that was no longer fit for purpose and able to be adapted to meet the needs of an evolving monitoring program.

The legacy systems were inefficient and often required double handling when inputting data and extensive manual manipulation when extracting reports. These reports would require a  staff member to manually extract the results from multiple databases and could take up to 3  days to complete every month.

The  legacy systems were no longer supported and weren’t able to be altered to cater for new monitoring programs and changes to the business.

In order to mitigate any risk of potential data loss or system failure and to improve efficiency and reporting quality,  a project to build a new database with Engaged Squared was established.

The first step was to choose a suitable technology partner to host the new solution. Business  requirements were developed and RACV’s procurement and technology teams engaged to assist in identifying the appropriate technology to deliver a suitable solution. This included major risk management software solutions that were expensive and delivered additional functionality not required. The team identified a recent PowerApps project delivered by Engage Squared for RACV and discovered that there were similarities in some of the requirements that could be repurposed for this project. 

Our IT department worked with Engage Squared 6 months earlier on the Compliance Incident Database system … we thought if we went with Engage Squared we would be able to link the two systems together.​

– Maria Exton, Compliance Team Lead, RACV

RACV and Engage squared worked collaboratively to understand requirements of the solution, before launching into a sprint-based approach to complete the project. The sprint-based approach provided RACV with frequent development updates allowing them to provide input on the solution along the journey.

From manual to automatic

Engage Squared helped develop a new Power Platform solution that allows compliance consultants to input their data much quicker and has increased their overall productivity as a result. RACV Compliance staff have found the new app to be very stable with no downtime or performance issues reported since its introduction, even when working remotely. Feedback from staff is that the new database is very user friendly and intuitive requiring minimal training.   

Pat Bianchi, Risk & Compliance Manager at RACV, has reported that the biggest benefit has been the saving of up to 3 days’ worth of manual administration effort each month. As the Power BI dashboard refreshes every hour, the reporting data is virtually real-time and managers and stakeholders can ‘self-serve’ the data whenever they please. Management now, no longer have to wait until the end of the month to see the performance figures. With their new database, front-line managers can be more proactive with the results and find development areas in real-time, then resolve them instantly through direct coaching with individuals on the phones or in the shops. Ultimately, it has given front-line managers a great resource to monitor their overall compliance performance and ensure the best possible member experience is being provided.  

We are now empowering our frontline staff more to be proactive with viewing their results and coaching accordingly, they are not relying on us much now… They have started to really enjoy that and are looking forward to their reports now on a daily basis.

– Maria Exton, Compliance Team Lead, RACV

The solution is hosted within Office 365, so no extra licenses were required as part of the implementation. Following an initial outlay investment, running costs are minimal and the versatile platform means that there is opportunity to continuously improve the app and adapt it as the business and its requirements evolve. Changes and improvements can be made easily  without any downtime on the live platform. Feedback received about the app has been overwhelmingly positive from all staff. 

The feedback from my team is that it is very stable, we have not had a crash. It is very quick for them to use, in the past they would have to wait for loading and restart the application many times, the new database has made their lives a lot easier and a lot less stressful

– Maria Exton, Compliance Team Lead, RACV

The opportunity for customised apps has truly been realised by RACV, with exciting opportunities being considered to integrate this solution with other systems and database currently being used to produce even richer management information.

The cloud-based solution was implemented in time, enabling the Risk and Compliance team to shift their working environment seamlessly to work remotely during Covid-19, which would have been very difficult with the stability of the legacy systems. The overwhelming success of this project has created interest from other parts of the business to consider how they can leverage this solution investment in their business units.

This has been a great investment to not only improve RACV’s internal procedures but also continue to ensure that management has up to date and accurate information to ensure they are meeting  their regulatory requirements and providing the best service possible to it members.

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