Bupa pivots to remote working with 1400% increase in Teams usage



  •  76.4% active Teams usage two months after the project kick-off
  • 1400% increase in Teams usage across a six month period
  • 25 business scenarios across the three core audiences
  • 2000+ employees trained in 190 different sessions

Bupa is an insurance and healthcare company, headquartered in the United Kingdom and with offices across Australia and New Zealand. They are healthcare leaders, offering services ranging from health insurance to aged care, optical and dental. Their core purpose being: “to help people to live longer, healthier, happier lives”.

Since 2019, Bupa has progressively moved staff in their Australian business to Microsoft 365 (M365). The move was part of their broader five-year growth strategy which outlined four core pillars of success: focus, collaboration, accountability, and pace. It was quickly apparent that Microsoft 365 would be a catalyst in creating an environment where employees could collaborate whilst accelerating the pace of delivery. Dee Eldridge, Digital Workplace Manager, said: “Moving to a cloud-based platform was pivotal in uplifting the capabilities that our people need and expect”.

The challenge

Due to a lack of dedicated change & adoption during the early phases of the project, Bupa faced slow adoption rates after launching Microsoft 365 to their corporate functions in 2019. With phase two migrations due to commence in March 2020, Bupa enlisted the help of Engage Squared to support change & adoption efforts and increase the use of key collaboration platforms, like Microsoft Teams, across the organisation.

“It was clear that we needed the help of an Office 365 specialist like Engage Squared with both technical and change expertise,” said Sarah September, Change Manager at Bupa, “We needed a deeply embedded understanding of the tools and scenarios and how they could work together, to support our employees”.

Our approach

Project kick-off coincided with the first Covid-19 lockdown, which quickly escalated the project to business-critical. Remote working went from being a nice-to-have to a must-have overnight. “The stars were aligned given the timing of this project. Suddenly everyone wanted cloud computing yesterday” said Kav Moodaley, Senior Project Manager. The original approach was quickly scraped, as it focused heavily on in-person engagement, and replaced with a new, entirely virtual, change strategy.

The aim of the strategy was two-fold. Firstly, to define an approach that would support the immediate needs of employees. Secondly, to outline the bigger picture and an initial roadmap to continue maturing Microsoft 365.

The team at Engage Squared pivoted very quickly showing strong leadership in the face of the challenge at hand” – Kav Moodaley, Senior Project Manager.

The audience were split into three groups:

  • Group 1: Retrospective business units – employees already migrated to M365 but requiring assistance
  • Group 2: Executives and EA’s – including all senior leaders from the CEO to Director level
  • Group 3: Upcoming business units – employees due to be migrated to M365 over the coming weeks

Across each group, there was a concerted effort to baseline a minimum standard of proficiency. This focused heavily on Microsoft Teams and other key tools to support working from home scenarios.

M365 business scenarios were defined in addition to establishing base-level proficiency of the toolset. This was core to ensuring long-term adoption of M365 and laying the foundation for ongoing maturity. To understand the opportunities for improvement, questionnaires, focus groups and 1:1 interviews were used. The scenario-based training focused on coaching employees on outcomes rather than specific tools. They consisted of ‘running smarter meetings’, ‘managing people’ and ‘managing tasks’.

Scenarios like running better online meetings were vital to improving the core competency of the business,” said Dee Eldridge, Digital Workplace Manager.

The results

A project team at Bupa managed to slash meeting minutes from 60 minutes to 30 minutes after embracing Microsoft Teams. This translated into 5,760 minutes or 96 hours saved in the final two months of the project. The project team are part of a wider programme focusing on maximizing customer value. It consists of 1000 employees from 40 different teams working on up to 60 projects annually. Their move to Microsoft Teams helped them to streamline work processes and cut meeting length. Speed to market and overall quality increased meaning more value for customers. Halving meetings across the whole portfolio has the potential to save up to 14,400mins / 240hrs per typical project.

Summarising the impact of the last six months, Sarah September, Change Manager said “This project has changed Bupa forever. Its silenced the naysayers who said it wasn’t possible to roll out completely remotely, with only virtual learning sessions and still have an engaged and change ready workforce. This project has opened up new possibilities for future delivery, unthinkable before”

Jack Hendy, Change & Adoption Consultant

  • Customer

    Bupa Australia

  • Products and Services:

    Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365

  • Industry:


  • Organisation Size:

    Large (22,000+ employees)

  • Country:

    Australia, New Zealand

Why Engage Squared?

Engage Squared is an Australian-based Microsoft Gold Partner. We’re Modern Work Specialists and have been named as the 2021 Partner of the Year for Australia. We specialise in creating <people> friendly technology.