Connecting 50,000 people across eight organisations over 13 countries


Our client is an Australian multinational contractor, comprising eight different operating companies across telecommunications, engineering and infrastructure, building and property, mining and resources, and environmental services industries. They have operations in Australia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and the Middle East and integrate a world of experience and expertise to develop future-ready solutions and deliver enduring value across the lifecycle of assets, infrastructure and resources projects.

The Challenge

Every time head office needed to share information with people across the eight operating companies, they had to engage eight different corporate communion teams via email to get content published on their disjointed internal intranets. This process was time-consuming and a waste of internal resources. Messages also lacked consistency, and a timely distribution could not be guaranteed.

Our client envisioned an intranet solution that broke down silos and distributed internal communications more effectively to over 50,000 people across eight operating companies.

Engage Squared was tasked to build a digital workplace, which connects employees beyond the boundaries of their operating company or departments. This solution needed to be unique, intuitive, and robust. Quick and easy access to group-wide news, tools and information that is personalised for each operating company and down to the individual was a must have.

The Solution

In October 2018, Engage Squared embarked on a two-year-long journey and launched into a six-month-long discovery phase, consulting all key stakeholders across the group. For Engage Squared to be successful, it was essential to gather all the unique requirements and to fully understand the needs of the people using the system day to day. Together, we agreed on a clear roadmap to ensure the digital workplace delivers measurable business value while mitigating risks and adhering to compliance requirements.

A cloud based, highly customised version of Microsoft SharePoint Intranet was positioned to meet the complex personalisation requirements and to access information anytime from any device. The Microsoft B2B Guest technology enabled them to integrate eight different Microsoft 365 tenants into one central tenant. 

The solution, supported under Engage Squared 360 support service, provides our client with a specialised team which also fosters ‘continuous improvement’, allowing the them access to technology updates and Intranet Accelerator features outside the standard support cycle in a prioritised way.

Due to the high complexity of the project, our client needed the solution to be reviewed and endorsed by Microsoft prior to implementation. Not only Microsoft, but also an independent 3rd party reviewed and successfully approved the solution. This process was followed by a robust and comprehensive testing regime. Engage Squared designed custom testing plans at each stage of development across the user synchronisation and the customisation components. This transparent approach allowed our client insight into the test phase and see the actual results.

“Your professionalism (no matter the circumstances or the request) is such a credit to you. Can’t tell you what a relief it is to be able to rely, completely, on your commitment to deliver”

General Manager Corporate Affairs and Communications
Over 10,000 unique users in its first week after launch
Connect users in a way the group has not had before
Increased time-to-productivity
Safety alerts issued by the head office, are received faster
Safety alerts issued by the head office, are received faster and more consistent

The Results

The customised Microsoft Intranet solution provided our client with the tools they require to collaborate, communicate, and connect. 

What’s more, users are now experiencing additional functionality – only realised in a cloud environment, such as easier collaboration and file management. 

  • 10,000 global unique intranet users in its first week after launch
  • A single directory helps to connect users in a way the group has not had before
  • The time-to-productivity has increased dramatically, while content duplication has decreased
  • Safety alerts issued by the head office, are received faster and more consistent
  • Easy access to tools or information employees need to perform their job, including direct access to the compliance information, policies, and forms
  • The solution enabled a 2-way communication between employees and leadership
  • It also fosters innovation sharing and learning
  • It is now easy to stay on top of organisation’s activities

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