Author: Steph Ryan

May M365 Monthly Updates

May is filled with plenty of updated rollout timelines for upcoming features – many which have been mentioned in our earlier monthly updates! Continue reading this month’s M365 updates because Microsoft have added some additional features alongside their delayed releases.

Yammer Blue Banner - Microsoft Office 365 - Engage Squared

Enterprise Social Network: Yammer vs Workplace

With many organisations unaware of the free and secure communication tools that are already part of their M365 investment, we cover why Yammer is our Enterprise Social Network of choice and the considerations you need to make if moving from Facebook Workplace.

What to expect from Microsoft Viva Insights

Viva Insights provides individuals, managers and leaders with insights and actionable recommendations to help everyone to focus, prioritise their time and to nurture individual wellbeing.

Community and Culture Programme

Last year we initiated our Community and Culture programme with great success, so as we celebrate it’s first year we wanted to share some of the wonderful learning, fundraising, internal process improvement and community based activities we have done.

Quick win solutions with Microsoft

Read on as we share our top 10, quick win solutions with Microsoft that reimagine what productivity and collaboration within the workplace looks like, helping you be your best self in 2022

12 Gifts of Christmas Day 9: Shift Roster

Shift Roster is a MS Teams app allowing medical staff to bypass the complex and inefficient switchboard systems and request specific roles rather than specific people. It’s a game changer for everyone involved.