12 Gifts of Christmas Day 10: Power Generator

On the tenth day of Christmas, Engage Squared gave to me…a Power Platform managed service to help me adopt with ease!

What is it?

Companies have come a long way improving their internal processes. Yes, we know there are still some paper based ways of working out there (did you read our BMP blog?) but moving things online has changed things. Booking annual leave, tracking appraisal goals, submitting expenses are all examples of processes. Often these are done through Excel, Word or even PowerPoint and you can guarantee whoever created them was pretty happy with themselves!

We’re not here to hate on Excel or Word, they’re great at what they do. But there is new hero in town – the Power Platform. Using the same low code language as Excel, Power Platform has been created to allow the development of in-house apps, meaning processes become a whole lot easier. The best part is that if your organisation has M365 licenses Power Platform is included! And this means the possibilities of what you could be creating is endless all while increasing your ROI.

Regardless of the industry, every company has champions. The people who take the bull by the horns and crack on with things. These are the same people who tend to manage processes, but they’re not always from an IT or development background. Their ideas are welcome, but fear of the unknown or restrictions from cautious IT teams makes them refrain from experimenting. Hence, Word, Excel, or a quick and easy subscription 3rd party app to the rescue!

However, the true villain in this story is knowledge. Your champions need the knowledge to get the most from the Power Platform, so today we gift to you Power Generator. A managed service that empowers your staff to automate, simplify and streamline your processes with the Microsoft Power Platform.

How does it work?

We understand that companies don’t always have in-house resources to train their internal teams, so whether you’re a fan of one-off payments or monthly investments are more your thing, our Power Generator managed service brings our experts to you.

We’ll work with your organisation to scale and adopt the Power Platform across your business. We’ll build a governance framework, undertake training, and provide assets to enable solution makers to fast track their ideas to solutions and take ownership, while provide the digital guardrails your IT team need to feel secure about your data.

We’ll also help you create a new digital business model, achieve faster time to market and increase business agility, by designing innovative applications at speed, liberating your talent, and securely unlocking the value of the Microsoft cloud.

On top of that, we’ll offer on-going support to build an app practice with you, develop reusable components, and monitor and manage your platform. Giving everyone the ability to create solutions that accelerate your business. Lastly, we’ll install the Microsoft’s Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit. This allows you to track trends in your business, identify potential champions to nurture and build a community, and monitor the adoption and usage to provide insights to truly help you get the most value from your employees and the Power Platform.

Screenshot of the CoE

What problems does it solve?

Technology opens doors to improve processes, but without the knowledge to use it properly you’ll never be maximising its potential. Making the most of our bronze, silver or gold managed service, with Power Generator you can:

Say goodbye to:

  • Shadow IT due to people creating things outside environments
  • Overworked IT teams
  • Time consuming manual processes

Say hello to:

  • A modern business applications platform enabling you to develop mission critical apps and enterprise-wide solutions
  • Employees having control over solving their own challenges
  • Visibility of data in your own environment

How to get started

If you’re keen to learn to more but don’t know where to start, Microsoft are offering a FREE Centre of Excellence starter kit, available to download here. The starter kit is a collection of components and tools that are designed to help you get started with developing a strategy for adopting and supporting Microsoft Power Platform.

From our side, if our Power Generator managed service sounds like something you’d be interested in our Business Applications Practice Lead, Robert Carrington, would love to hear from you. Get in touch today to start your journey to maximize your Power Platform potential.

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